Tell me as a child I don’t know what I am talking about?

I told the psychologists that I was born to change my Mamas mind. And that she loved me. That god told me that. And that she was trapped. H her mind and that I had to lead her to freedom.

Tell me I’m not doing that right now as the world tried to label me. But something kept Mama Jean from letting them. Listen. I felt a lot of things. And people leveling me because I’ve been telling everyone I was gonna change my Mamas mind? A child is an expression of creation and defiance mixes together. Evolution in human form. Mind. Body. And spirit. Where this Moses wanna Be goes. My Mama shall go. It was grace who was conceived.

Charma my own name. My secret name. The one the voice of God gave me. I hear voices and unlike some dumb asses? I do recognize them? Sure wish most people Would? Energy is energy. When we are open we are open. We learn to decipher what they mean. The meaning we each put on the energies will be different.

Yes. I have two fully functioning minds. I am not bipolar. I am biminded. I’ve been running to personality side by side and use them inner changeably. Bi meaning two. One brain running twice the programs. Keeping track as you can see here about my family. I’m just letting you in to my cockpit. Where I work it all. Both. Linda and Jean. Side by side just like my name reads. And Jean is second. With honors. Last but not least I’d say. These woman are so hard on them selves.

I give them credit. The 30’s and 40’s growing up was rough to lady’s. And we all need to be mindful of where someone comes from. Just because they came from where ever don’t mean they gonna stay anywhere? To move is to grow and learn. This planet is for exploring and respecting. This is the good ship lollipop.

We eighty make it sweet or sour. But we can’t have it sweet all the time. That’s wheee balance must come and folks don’t think about that? And we need too.

Random question. If marijuana is said to make one paranoid. If we think a little more deeply about it? Paranoia is common. A common pattern in our dna. To say it’s not is delusional. And if you partake of MM and your paranoia is heightened so that you recognize your experiencing paranoia about something?. Wouldn’t that count actually as a good thing? It would mean one is aware of the feeling of paranoia. And if one is aware of paranoia? Then one can adjust and balance. Makes sense to me?

Every one is susceptible to paranoia if just one is? We all are. But when we understand how a plant can aid in helping one maintain balance by helping you to be more aware of how you feel. To know your feelings is like knowing and being connected by WiFi and gps, psychic powers are to be exercised. Everyone is psychic. It’s how much you want to exercise that ability. There is no shame in smoking a plant to get in touch with the earth? We poke our fingers at screens, and travel virtually everywhere.

Web is what we all are in human form. Frequencies. Ideas. Clusters of thoughts. Connected and evolving. Growing. Dividing and uniting to form more. More what? Knowing. Expansive. Broadband. All words that describe the brain. Synapses. Super highways. Nerves. Current. Electricity. Valance Clouds. Bonds. Family ties. Ties of friendships. Relating. Realizing. And curious again. Seeking always and never knowing. Wonder. No need of fear at all cradled. Inside a cell to grow and learn. Here inside Mother Earth as we all learn to be humane. What that means? Connections. Family ties to this cell? Divided. Yet United. All important. All, yet one working together always compensating for each other to maintain balance. Like the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

We worry about population control. And yet this planet can wipe out thousands? And we weap like babies? Why do we weap so long at a loss? Connections and bonds broken wreak havoc. This planet is a circle. The more we understand about our home the better citizen of this homeostasis we will also become.

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