People called me crazy. Because I made up my mind?

And that my mind was already made up. Manipulation could not change what DNA and genetics dictated. The body has alarm systems in places. Pain is an alarm. Hey! Brain. You. Up there. Riding in me. Pay attention. I need assurance where the pain is. The body’s saying? Hello there no it all! Yoo-hoo! Remember me? The one making this happy human life happen?

I’m Hungry. I need rest. Fuel me up. Rub me down. I ache. I farted. My intestines need water and roughage to keep things moving. De-stress. Go camping. Take me to Mother Nature. Let the tree recharge my batteries.

We don’t pay attention. Until pain. Like an internal spanking. We pull the reins on a horse and so t even consider that our body has intelligence? ESP? Psychic abilities? Gut feelings like it’s coincidence? There’s a reason for everything here in this organic machine spinning around in space. You just have to pay close attention to everything.

We do read the wind. Weather reports. Wind and wave currents. Read. So don’t tell me we can read the signs as well if not better than a dog and yet we are to to to do that? It’s not scientific? Well I’m glad science caught up to me? I’ve been talking like this for years being called weird. Yeah. Ira my fault I’m like this.

The past programs us all. And it’s up to us to change and update the programming as we go. Relevance. What’s current. And where to go next. What to change and learn tomorrow. And we all can do that if we keep changing our minds about it by saying what we think right now. It will change as soon as you say it one way or the other. The tongue and the mind working together release the past, hidden from view, so something new can be taken in. That’s how you let go.

Emotional pain can manifest into physical pain if held a long time. It’s linked and we need to accept it. We can change emotions like underwear if we want. But we hold onto certain ones. Why? We are used to it. I’ve change emotions many times today. And that’s healthy. I ride the waves instead of deny them.

And for that I am weird? That’s crazy. Not me. I’ve accepted all of this. And I’ve told what pained me so I can get my releases. You can hold on as long as you like. And when you done holding on? You tell it and let go and embrace something new.

The body is programmed to long for your mother for a time. And it lets up for a while. And then it’s back again. Like a cycle of life. I made up my mind because my mind was already made up and everyone told me to change it? But? One why? And two? It’s not possible it only causes pain? Which told me hold on? Each time I pulled back from my connections with my Mother energy? I got sick.

The situation caused the pull away from Mama due to my geographical location in connection with where my Mother was is another way of saying it. Like a rubber band affect. Energetically. I could not describe it so that people could understand growing up. Cell phones and apps were not created and visible yet. But cells are like clusters of apps which are ideas and science has proven that I ranted growing within their Mothers somehow create cells in the brain of the mother? What’s that? An app? To do what? What does an app so? Guide you to do something? Bank accounts? Diet and exercise? And how to nurture me. Connected at the brain. A living idea linked to the mothers brain. Forever. Linked. Even after expiration of the body.

Call me crazy. But I’ll call you stupid. I read man. You should try it. And maybe more than a romance novel.

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