My poor everybody.

My poor counselor, therapist. Hello Susan if you found me. I’m not a licensed therapist so, I don’t have to protect names and all. I think that law does a disservice. Folks basically hide all their garbage mindsets with the therapist and she eventually becomes some kind of trash file cabinet where we just file what we filed in our kinds that distended is because we did and still don’t know how to change a damn pattern.

She listens well as I process what’s come up from the subconscious for review and transmuting and reframing. I’m doing what she’s trained to teach me in front of her. Integration. Polarity, changing from Duality. Dual brain, moves to polarized back and forth, not one or the other. We do have dual thinking. There are two sides to the brain. And they meet in the middle with the Corpus Colosseum. The super highway or connectivity. It’s a developmental stage of brain development. Caused by what we call trauma that makes the brain adapt.

I’m doing that right now. Using the tools I learned from everything and paying attention. Just because many are only using 10% of the brain does not mean that’s the status quo to shoot for. Shallow thinking gets a shallow mindset it what I say. Winning is learning all you can. Not just one thing. Cross training yourself is key. And don’t wait for people to offer. Just do it learn and ask to do. And do.

Each time we do we learn. If people focused on learning to be their best, and to use higher laws to do it? Murder would not be popular. Murder can’t kill an idea. And if Martin Luther and Jesus Christ are still ideas we chew on? We off to kill anyone? Why? Because we all matter and more must be born to make up for what we in ignorance kill?

My Mama couldn’t kill me. I’m a good idea. I am that wild thing Mama did, and paid for it that’s loyal enough to do what No One Could Do. Make it right. Change her mind about me and everything by showing her the other sides? And unifying her brain. I am pretty damn smart and my sisters should feel smart too. Mama ain’t no dumb ass. She’s just been as limited if not more than me at seeing more than just her side.So if I can, she can. God is no respecter of persons.

They say stay in your lane. I say stay in your lane until it’s time to change lanes and pass and move ahead. Yeah. My Mama does not like to go slow. Trust that. Mario Andes. That’s Mama. And I love it. But she does need to pay attention and not wreck the car anymore. That upset me. And she does not want to stay like this. But we must, or I must if I do this righting the wrongs for us? Make sure I pay attention to details and tie up loose ends in her mind that have had many questions. Many she has had about me.

And I owed her that. Sure. I’m pissed as hell too. But Mama saw Anger. Which told me a lot. About me and her. That we were stuck at the Anger phase of grief together. So? I had to let the anger out? Duh? Tell me terrible awful and release pressure in us both. Like the tea pot Chelsie keeps talking about. I read between lines. And yes. There’s a lot of space to fill between each line. I’ve read my Mama like a book since day one and then god presented me to her and Phil even said, ” she’s so much like you, Linda” paraphrased. “Wow! She’s like you all!”

I was thinking duh? But folks don’t think about what I’ve been thinking about? Like who am I? Who are my parents? What are they like? When I look into the mirror each day. They greet me. And yours do too. Papa Gerald and Gramma Margret greet Mama each day. And love ya unless? We are not pick yourselves? If we feel we missed some Mark.

And that the thing I wanted Mama to know. Sin, missed Marks, are targets, dictated to us all by higher natural laws. It’s a given due to laws and words being programmed by vibrations into our cellular mentored we call it DNA and genetics. All have missed a mark. Like everyone’s made a mistake. It’s called practice and we need to stop beating ourselves up? And get up and shoot again like I am each day until I hit the mark Mama missed and make it right.

She could see back then. No one could for programming errors. I love her and want her to stop beating herself up now and forever. And help me right this for others. And really have an affect baby. Cuz I’ve done the work to give you this shot yo shoot the damn arrow yourself!! So you can win! If you win. I win.

I love me my Mama. I get angry. And I blow off steam like my daddy showed me except? I don’t hide it. I’m real and raw and I change my mind right before you eyes! And leave you twirling in the chair!


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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