Misfits, or stand out people have a best friend too.

Don’t even trip. Freaks and down and outers got a best friend too. That’s where many of the church’s are walking on sandy ground when they exclude people and discriminate.

I grew up waiting my turn to tell the damn world that tied my throat with paper and stabbed it in place with a pen and ink and made my Mama kill me, “you can’t kill an idea, least of Linda Marie crazy wild idea she cooked up in her belly back in the 60’s” with JFK, Martin L, Peter, Paul and Mary, and a television filled with characters that were loaded into my brain as I sat and took it all in in my play pen? They taught me well about rights.

They all sowed seeds of ideas into my mind and soul with their passionate words. Watching them killed for their voices and words of changing it, seeing them laid to rest after only using words riveted this little girl’s body. I knew and saw the price they paid for speaking up. People be crazy. Change is a hard one. And it then that we really see that psychosis is about the planet in clusters all around. factions of remnants of peoples idea of god? In their own nutshells? So needing to be cracked open. So they could see the wider view. Psychosis is like cancer, loss of reality.

This I know for sure. We know the natural laws here. If we learn and pay attention. The wind and rain come without us and for us by us. We need to get that one. Droughts come by complaining about rain. Floods come because of frantic prayers for rain. We are the bipolar creators of this environment? And may I suggest we work together.

Get out of your shells. Don’t freak out when someone tells you something horrific? Just learn and practice compassionate listening? And be blessed with your own compassionate listener in your time of need. We all are witnesses. But. We don’t need to just witness and leave folks in their messes. We can’t change others if they won’t listen. And if you don’t listen? You don’t get to speak? It’s kind of this law I noticed.

Lying is nothing more than closing off your throat. Habitual liars are stuck, but they don’t have to stay that way. With time spent on voicing yourself? You can change the pattern. I am living proof of that idea for one. I am many ideas. I am love. A frequency that is soft and sharp all at once, cutting to the marrow quickly. Cutting through the pain by saying hello to it. Hello there grief. Why have you come to me again? Is Mama upset again? Ok. I will grieve some more for her to relieve the pressures. Thank you grief for telling me Mama needed me. She’s grieving again.

But her throats ties off with some vows like ribbons around her neck that God never needed to answer the prayers. Let take those off and let the blood flow to the mind, from the heart, through the throat and allow the muscles to relax. Just relax. Your daughter has come to make it so you can walk in the truth that is. I never bought that lie for a minute Mama?

My children know how I dislike lying. So. I know you do not like it either. And would not want egg on your face to just stay there while people looked on at you lying. After I came home. You just kept lying instead of opening up and letting us all in? And cut your own self off Mama. It’s not a fault. Let’s let go of that fault? Reason is better. The reason. A kink in the brain. A lack of. And the natural law states there is no lack. We perpetuate lack. A pattern of misunderstand the field of energy that is this place.

It’s ok to be a Christian and explore about this place and the people and the religions? I always had God? And spoke to God. God with all the names. I did not discriminate the energy of God and violate God’s human rights. I flipped the switch. And have been a conduit for God, a human rights activist since birth, given to a stranger, laid my life down for another, twice. Accepting everyone. Even those who have exploited me and abused, neglected, and hurt me? Especially them. Love, who I am, just can’t discriminate. Love is the truest mirror to show you who you think you are, and who you really are.

This blog is me illustrating in my story how I walked my self out of the woods in my mind about a lot of things. Thoughts are things. Pay attention to your thoughts. It’s insane to ignore them? Your body can send messages to the brain and the outer field of energy can do the same to help. Crack open. This is the flood.

When I lived in Tennessee, my Pastor Joseph and everyone in Christian ministry in Hendersonville, TN, all we’re talking about the river. And at the time it was a river. That church was so filled with energy. Music. Love. From those that started it and the people that joined to keep it going. We can call down energy to a place. Water. And I would go down to the alter in the front, forcing my pride to submit, and my flesh to obey, forget everyone’s ideas and bow to drink from the invisible, yet something I could feel. Loves elixir. The Holy Spirit. Mother God. Of course!! The woman! We are made in the image of God!! How could I have been so stupid to miss it?

Well did the church teach me it was a woman? No? Even though Mary’s up there with Jesus? And Jesus preceded the woman. Even talking about his Mama at death? Hello? 👆👇👆👇👆👇 god’s been pointing at woman for years? Why are we treated so badly? And better yet? Why do we allow ourselves to be treated so badly? Not all of us. I work daily to treat myself well. And run into woman and men who don’t. They affect me. So. I affect them. I can feel it. So I teach them something simple to help. It’s just comes out of me. And I love them enough to give it them. Either way? Whatever they need? Is there a bugger? Or? Do my eyes really look amazing?

And I will not apologize for being like this? This is what became of what God made through and from the idea Linda. I know exactly why my name was changed! Do you? Just like I know why my Grandma Margaret died on my birthday? She marked it. Evolution is a constant. Like a missed mark Mamas own Mama marked the target. My birthday is an 8. So I’m basically marked by my Grandma by number. My eldest sister is the other half of her energy. Together. We are Grandma M. Essence and energy. Mama saw it when I came last to see her as Granny M channeled through me!

Oh the fire as Victoria bowed her head not knowing why she felt so bad? Well? You called grandma M a cunt. Ok? Not my fault you spiritual eye sights bad and you could even see her in me all dressed up and running coffee? With her daughter. In Reverse. Mama had been calling on Granny M. Like hell. Crying. God told me to go. I went. And stood in the gap and allowed Mama to talk to granny M. They did have words. I’m only now confirming it to Mama. So she knows she not going crazy. Granny spoke that day. And she took David. I just followed what I was told. You will eat the words and you will love the taste. Of your own humble pie.

And you’ll get free. On my honor as your sworn daughter by blood. I’ve delivered the messages and will continue. To do so. Granny and I both. Along with Huey. Remember. Granny’s with him too now. And all our ancestors have learned lessons and paid dues to be able to come back and give messages of love and encouragement and correction. I’ve been doing this for years. It’s beyond me. I put up with being bullied and called crazy to be obedient to my own calling. And have learned many ways to set folks straight. About me and my purpose.

I was never lead to devalue my sources. Until now. Like granny B. I just keep it to myself until I am to tell them. Yes. It’s crazy having what we call dead and are not dead energies ask of me to deliver messages in stores and on the street?it is a ministry. And god’s upped my calling. And I am called to now be visible.

One such mission. I did an Art showing at a bagel shop in eureka ca, los bagels. A great place. I met a gal named Alison in the Arcata store one day while visiting Angela there. I had called her to find out about how to be a featured artist at the shop on a whim while ordering coffee and a slug, from heaven. I think I got salmon and avocado on it? Oh my god! I ask the guy at the counter about it and he gave me her number. I called and she was close and said she’d be over in a few? I was like how cool is that? “Thank you God, you rock”. And I knew this would be a God relationship.

She showed up and long story short? I booked a show later the next year. Perfect.

And I was now in town going to a restaurant to eat breakfast with my Mama Jean who had traveled with me to pick up the pieces from the show. We decided to spend the night and leave the next day. And Angela has recommended this place. We pulled in and sat down and order. Our orders had just arrived when it happened. That thing that happened when god wants me to do something. A woman walked by the restaurant. Her hair all matted up and crazy looking. She was walking real fast. Determined. God said. But her breakfast. I’m like ok. Thinking inside? Mama jeans gonna love this one.

God’s like forget Mama Jean. Everyone’s getting a lesson today. Ok? I go. Outside and I find her kind of pacing around? I say, hello, my Names Belinda, I want to buy you breakfast. She looked at me in my eyes and then looked away, pacing, nervous, angry and hurt. She look at me again and I told her I was told to buy you breakfast. She then came with me. I am pretty sure she prayed for god to make it right. Why?

Well. What happened next. I’m just thinking I’m buying this woman some food right? Her hairs all crazy? She looks like she needs a bath and some lotion? Where is she living I think? If this was my Mama? And we head in. And bam. The waitress walks up and says, “this woman has been 86’d from this place for blah blah blah”. I cut her off in my mind. Looked her in the eyes and smiled while I put my arm around this woman who’s name I did not know? Nor did I get her name that day? As I was thinking Lord? I can see now why. Ok. I’m your girl. I’ll make it right for her and deliver the message she needs.

With my arm around her I told the waitress she would be dinning with me and proceeded to my seat and gave her my breakfast while my Mama Jean was dying the death of a rag doll. It was amusing to watch everyone watch me love this woman and feed and protect her and make her feel say. And quote her the scriptures. Though prepares a table in the presence of thy enemy’s, they cup over floweth, surely goodness and mercy shall follow you. Tell her god see her. She nor invisible. She kissed me and said not a word. Looking around at everyone. Safe. Eating. Before her enemies. She ate like an animal. And it was ok.

And everyone got a real live lesson in love. Mama Jean did to. She was scared shitless. Lol. Put her head down and ate. But? We didn’t know anyone there so she didn’t need to worry? We’d not see them again unless we go back to that place maybe? Woman need to stick together with woman. That was all I could do for her. And I did it. And gave her some money and then she left. Satisfied. Full well knowing God had used me to make it right and I let God do it. Blind faith.

Adoption to me means adapted. I’m still my Mamas girl though. Mama wanted to know what happened to me. And now she knows the lesson I’ve learned. Woman stick together even if torn apart. Truth. Mine.

look past the packed. Tattoos and rings. Cloths and nakedness. If you look closely. You will find yourself there somewhere. Choose to love yourself anyway. And we won’t need insane asylums and prisons. Patterns do run deep, just like trenches. But we can fill those trenches up while digging another. I do it everyday. Don’t even tell me there’s no way. Love is the way the truth and the light. Turn the damn thing on! Give and you get file back.

Listen. My Mama is doing he same thing. We both are giving our way, to get. Out of a need a solution emerges. Mama just don’t know her solutions was born in 1963. Bound to return. And set her free.

Peace love and save the whales. Lol.

John Lennon. Energy. Frequency. Music. Ideas. Affected me. This is a love in.

Mama saw anger. And yes. She’s been angry. And so have I. But anger is not bad unless you don’t learn how to use it. Be angry and sin not. Sin a missed mark. Be angry and don’t miss you mark. Be angry and hit the mark. I like that one. The words have deeper meaning if we study to show ourselves approved in all areas. Not just one or two. Cross training is key.

Everyone has a best friend. Other earth is safe. We are the wackos that freak out fear and kill for lack of knowing? We don’t have to. Why did Jesus have to die? Anyone ask that? Study what the people did. To him for what reason? She spoke truth?

911 our neighbors spoke truth. And then we spoke some more truth. Did anyone understand? We have bombed people so long we think it works? We bomb a country who’s leader is killing his own people and call that good? Dirty is what it is? Words would have been less messy and deadly. But no. Men love their war game at the expense of us all. We turn our blinded eyes.

To inflict such a wound to America’s psyche. And take lives supposedly free from harm, and not realizing the harm we do bombing our neighbors and saying we are big brother to make us feel what pain we ourselves have inflicted. It is we that have not understood the cry to big brother to stop hey what’s that sounds everybody look what’s going down.

I get it. I’ve lost already. So. My 911 came at days old. So don’t even go there honey. I get it. But pain inflicted is a cry for help. My Mama hurt me, was a cry for my help. Just like 911. What are we doing to help? Killing? Bombing? We need to create a world we’re there is no need to fear our brother. And yes. We all do. Not just America. Everyone. What are we going to do about that?

Blah blah blah. Let’s get our blahs blahs together and get to the solutions. Listen. If America is so war hunger? We are filled with hate? Why are we saying a bomb is love? Or useful? Anyone? Everyone? Why? And please do not give me any answer. The answer is clear it’s madness. Ignorance cloaked in self righteous fury, misuse of power. Every time we bomb people, those bombs bomb our planet? Why are we bombing the planet? And why are we bombing ourselves?

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