I have accepted my calling.

Back to my roots. To the spirituality of my ancestors. Ancestors that now include, and were graphed into my maternal and paternal roots by my Own Mama decree a while ago. A treaty was signed. A child given. A mother taken away and a new substitute was given.

I’ve had to learn what being Adopted entails and requires of me. Due to the passionate way I was conceived. I’m a fire cracker. Pop pop pop.

To me Adoption has a way different meaning altogether than anyone said back when I was given away to another. And I can’t say that society has had any solidarity about it being the way. It’s most conflicting as I asked strangers what they felt Adoption was? And told them my truth and changed their mind forever about it. Forever. I’m a closer.

Mama may have opened the can of worms. But we don’t need to leave it open forever and just give away worms for nothing. Worms are a commodity too. Just like I was a commodity back in the day to maintain the peace’s. For poor people not wanting to see what they didn’t do for me. Yeah. I wanted to see what people would DO. I’ve tested many. Blown minds after blown mind as I really saw what happened to me time and time again.

I blow minds when I speak. That’s why they call me crazy as if I make this shit up? Why do people think it’s so powerful? I know it’s the remedy. And if people don’t like it? Well stop. It was done to me? Life poured into me separation aka dishonesty and delusions. And I stayed strong? Remembered who I really was? Like walking through zombies. Mad. You look just like you Mom and Dad? I can see you there? Great! I wasn’t in there when I got here, thanks for letting me know that I’m in there now, when I know, by the way, I did that myself from scratch. Thanks honey.

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