Here we come Mothers Day.

Here we come Mothers Day.

Adoptees filled with love for their own Mamas and many with no where to go to give it. Cut off by some stagnant mindset from days gone by. Cut off inside their own Mamas minds, at the point the impact began, around you. A pain so bad it’s associated the pain with you, and not the action itself obvious happening without knowing the impact at all until it hit ya both like a bullet to both our brains. And would also affect the woman you sent me to as she had to witness me wrestle with it, not knowing exactly what? But why. I struggled inside.

She knows now. Who I was loving her for. Which to me is a big compliment. The scriptures say to love people as unto god. I loved people as unto God as if it was the Mama I missed so much. That’s a powerful use of love people. Amplified by three. It’s a conduit. And my Mamas couldn’t even see it. Lol. I roped them in one act at a time. Lol. Give and it shall be given times three is like winning the lottery every time you do a thing. And if god’s storing my riches them add that up?

I’m better than fine. Even in a garage.

So. On this Mothers day lets be who we are.

Focus our love for our own Mamas into all that’s around us so she can feel us all around and remember who she is too.

Rather than feeling grief for lack of a place to go. Give and send it along the mainline. Your Mama will get it.

Adoption can only define us if we let it limit what we know we can do but don’t. Still our Mamas children. Moved and relabeled. But we know who we were made from. She still alive within our fibers. Love her and our Mamas will receive multiplied by three. That’s a fact.

My Mamas day present to my Mama is laughter. Life is silly and hard. Silly is how I cope with hard things. It breaks the tensions. Comedy is healthy release.

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