Adoption in song form.

Dead wrong to tell me to relax

When I’m reacting.

Oh yeah.

No one can pluck me out of the hand of God.

I can blog whatever I feel from within the hand of God. Naked. Clothed. We all can.

It’s when we, think? We can get up or that someone can pull us out of our place that is our place that we? Loose it.

What are the scriptures for if not to guide our minds to be able to have abundance and prosperity? If we want to know abundance? Listen. If we all we set to abundance mindset? Well what a world that would be?

And we can created that world? How do we think anything first comes to be? Is in the minds first? Even dinner and a poop? I mean either the brain regulates how to keep the body alive or not? What is it?

It’s not mind over matter. It’s mind manages what matters. Health matters. Mental health matters to the body. Yes. Beyond what we even understand about our own bodies capabilities? Which shows? The Medulla oblongata is programmed to keep us working? So we can live inside our spirits homeostasis? Makes sense to me?

Pain receptors for one thing? Are telling the brain a message. Are we consciously listening? Or consciously medicating? Like I can med my alarm system away? Or mediate my alarm system away? Alarms are for a reason. And we need to look at the alarm and not deny it, ignore it, or snooze it away each day.

My ears ring. And I’m pretty sure they always have. I just blocked it out. The ring in my brain so I could focus and grow up. At some point my body, about close to 50? Stopped me and made me sick. Hair falling out? Hormones? Hot flashes from hell? My body said stop the train.

It’s time for a few things to get off. And I mean a few. My Mama would say under her breath? A few things? Try the whole kitchen?

And I’d say yeah? I needed a new kitchen and all that that I put in that circular file or trash can needed to be processed for fuel for my new kitchen and life chapters ahead.

People don’t really realize what a great education I do have? How much God took me in and educated me? And people marvel? Like God’s not teaching them? And I feel so sad about that? Blind? Messed up? And they try to rub it on me and they can’t? If I am blind? I say I am blind. If I see someone blind? I help them see. Just like Jesus with the clay? Dirt is good for sight. But that man just believed what Jesus said? And was healed? It began in the mind? First with Jesus taking the time to help the guy create a way to see?

Let’s me ask you this? Placebo affects? Works. So why are we tricking the mind to be healthy? Why do we cling to just cake? We are bags of mud and bacteria. Beautiful bags. Not ugly? Of mud water bacteria flesh? Wine skins?

This physical world is created by our minds together. Our minds together change our world? We think about going to the store? And before you know it we are at the store? Manifestation in its simplest form. We do it all day. And it the mind and what we allow in and hold onto that determines the story.

So whatever your holding onto? Maybe look at it? Ask yourself questions about it? Where did you get that that you hold onto? Is your Aunt a bitch only? Or is there more to her story? Why don’t you like uncle Fred? Did he touch you where you did not want him to and take you somewhere you did not want to go? What will you do now about it? How did it make you feel? Beyond anger. What was uncomfortable about it? Ask. Your there still. At that point. Holding onto it because, you have not faced it and asked the questions for fear. Fear of what? What?

Can he hurt you now? If yes? What can you do about it? How can you speak up and to who? Where is safety if not in your mind first? You are your best friend. Talk yourself through it. If the answer no? What them. He cane hurt me now? Yeah. He can’t? Why am I still Holding on? Well? There are a few reason.

  1. Feedback loops not complete. Meaning you need to confront him and tell him
  2. How he made you feel and have some world to explain it in a way that he can literally feel it. That’s takes time and many questions of yourself.
  3. Without feedback? He’s stuck too. With you. And if it’s coming up for you? He can’t change it for you. But your truth can change it for you both and set you both free of the holding pattern.

I can hear people now? “I am not stuck with him that bastard!!” And I’d say? Yes. You are. Your hanging out with a pedophile. In your mind if you are holding on.

I know who I’ve held onto? And let go. After I asked the hard question? How did I get here? How did I fall and how did they play me. A child? And how? Can I help my children and other children never fall their again?

I feel like a petophile is is also stuck in a holding pattern of behavior by his petophile in his mind. Yeah. I do? Grown healthy people we say don’t do that? So. The petophile is still a child trapped with a behavior pattern they were taught that is not helpful with no one to change that pattern for lack of honest feedback? Stuck doing the same thing again and again.

Tell me I’m wrong? But I’m sure I’m right? Hey big no ones gonna confront me? It must be ok? That’s what children think? Adults? Know what’s ok? And if you’ve been Compromised? And incarceration lend no hope for change except punishment? What’s the point?

  • Pedophilia is a hot cake no one wants to touch or confront? Let alone put syrup on? More like cow pie? But even cow pie? Can help a garden? What is the lesson? Trauma is pasted down until confronted and transmuted mentally. I’m trying to explain. How I’ve confronted those that? For patterning of behavior? Abused me like they were abused? I stood up for myself. And asked questions. Why do you do this? What do you get? Do you like it? That’s a hot one?
  • What is it that you really want? What’s the pedophile point? Without questions, which are part of learning? How does change happen? One day a child, you put there shoe on, and then the next you teach them to do it themselves. And no long must do it for them. That’s a simple change that we all can see happening. How do we apply this seeming simple process to trauma?
  • Pedophilia is a learned behavior. We all know that. How do we change it? And you can say smoking is a learned behavior? How do we quit that? Or anything for that matter?
  • You do have to ask yourself why you do it?
  • You do need to find the answer and not be lazy minded and sweep it for another days cleaning? Ask yourself what am I doing here? Why was I born? Why do I like this? It’s on your plate? Why? Where are you with it? Do you like holding onto the grudges? Or is it that you just don’t know how to let go and go there with yourself to change it?
  • My Mamas blocking pattern? Started. Where? Who gave her this behavior? Ok. No need to hate them? It was passed to them? You have it now. What will you do with it? Keep letting it go? Or change it? Is it bringing you pleaser? What’s the pleasure? Is it lasting? Or do you have to do it again and again to get relief? See where I’m going?
  • And emotions get all wrapped around behaviors we have been acquainted with even if we really don’t like the results? And want it to change? I’m talking about how? Emotions get hung on your behaviors like that tread mill covered with your close? It’s useful in some way or you would not hold onto it? See? Bit again? Is it truly satisfying or does it leave you wanting? And why? Just look at it and listen to your own answers. And know that your programmers are speaking threw you? That’s what they said or did? And now. You’re got the choice to change your own behavior by hanging your own mind about it? Which changes you and whatever forever.
  • My Mama is finding out her blocking don’t work and never did. And she tired of blocking. Because it’s keeping me from her and that’s not making her happy? Stuck. Holding on. Like a woman in a stream of emotions surround her behavior. Triggering her all around. Making her act like a ferrel cat. She runs away and blocks it. It’s a sign of unprocessed feelings surround a emotions to hold this pattern in place because Mama believed it kept her safe and that blocking really worked? It’s doesn’t. It’s only hurts us all. Back to the alarm. Going off.
  • The cakes done. You gonna send her away now? Or maybe make some coffee and sit down and enjoy her or what?
  • So try to place yourself? No. It’s not easy. Wasn’t easy for me. But I had no choice. I know why I was born. To change some shit up in here! Myself included!
  • I know why I behave the way I do. If you don’t like it? Speak up and ask me why? I’ll tell you. And it’s up to you to believe me? Or just hold onto your own ideas about it? We can see my Mamas Holding onto her own ideas until I make sense? Because her behavior is getting her something? Or she would not be doing it?
  • But I’ve made it uncomfortable for her to just keep blocking by going public about it. Because? I can help her really get the peace she wants and also help her shit her own alarms off with truth. To quiet her mind that needs answers to change. From being stuck to moving on. She’s been like a robot in a corner. Just banging around doing it over and over and not knowing why she can’t stop? I’m sure she does not like the result. I’ve seen it on her face? When I told her that that behavior needed to stop point blank making her away of her affect on my sisters.
  • No longer willing to say?” She’s just like that.” How did Hellen Keller ever learn to read and right and comprehend a world she could not see or hear? Her teacher taught her to feel her way. Untapped potential was Hellen Keller. What was she after her teacher? Who fought her family? To break Hellen out? Don’t even tell me, a daughter who’s family line had one of the best teachers that ever was, Auntie O, I don’t know what I am talking about?
  • The best teachers always appear a bit mad at first. But by the size of Auntie O hair? She had a mind!! And I’m grateful. And. I believe it is my teaching gift that is very precious to me that makes me the best person to help my Mama, get out of the corner of her mind with me into the light of day. Yeah. I do. I believe Auntie O loved my Mama most dearly. And that her energy is still alive and that she still does and has helped me find my way to being help to Mama and me both.
  • No one should stay limited. And you never leave your Mama behind. Even if she’s given up on herself.
  • Xox
  • psychecafe

    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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