I see all the perspectives here. In Adoption. And beyond that.

Adoption taught me some very hard lessons about family ties that bind and get twisted to hell with messed with. Let me tell you it was not easy to get beyond all the pain of my own loss to begin to help others with this now gift of sight, instinctively with no understanding of the work I was doing was healing me and those I loved. I saw the affects?

I mean I was plunged into a strange environment, and excepted to do what? Suddenly become the other woman’s real child like Pinocchio? How far are we willing to go to stretch the fundamental truths in this environment? At the expense of what? Us?

Mother is fundamental!! She’s the first trainer! She should have the best of everything! So our futures will Have the best and so on and so on?

(We cant be having woman just kill and throw away our future all day? We are learning to drive and should not just let go and let go. At some point God gonna hand the wheel back you see? What ya gonna do? Yeah.)

(Can’t throw shit away. Fundamental truth. Everything here needs recycled) including what we have buried) emotional trash must be processed like trash trash needs recycled and not buried either.) fundamental logical truth.

Has this world turned into the Lord of the flies? Who are we as citizen of this planet integrating into the vastness of this place? Any “Lord of the flies”people out there? The ship is our changed mindset after surveying what is right now. What’s the new set point? Recycle, reuse and again and again. This place is a cell.

Waste sights are wounds of trash, compacting and eventually exploding? We know what we throw away that’s in the earth? Compacting each day? I wonder when that hazmat hells going to hit the scene? Or can we head it off? By realizing that chemicals and compression make explosions and realize we are creating bombs? Loaded with appliances and metal sheets that will make very nice shrapnel. To kill us with our own ignorance of science and chemistry?

You ever been to a dump? Well I have. Back in my young years to today. It’s a mess. People don’t care they just want it gone. But is it really gone? Who gonna have to wear hazmat suits to clean it up cuz we were to damn dumb, busy and lazy to change? The future. Just like me cleaning up my own issues and my family issues created by my pimp Adoption. I’m the future cleaning up the mess. No hazmat suit. Bare bones and fisted. Digging my Mama out of the rubble of her own explosion. But she was 25 people. She did not see that bomb when it hit her I was gone. Poof!

And she realized and yet denied the fact that the body remembers what the brains to busy to see is a fact.

Fundamental means foundational. Adoption is a relevant issue in this collective and affects us all in each step we continue to take, that is out of date and needs updating to us all. We have the facts all over the internet about many things? Like trash for one. Can we see the forest of issues for this one tree? Which is linked to the root of our biological society’s survival?

Mother created the forest of trees.

We have been fragmented to say the least. Fracking our very core? For what? Go back to the drawing board children I would say. Look to the sun and moon. Study how Mother Earth generates energy? Learn her ways not the other way around? How does this planet stay alive? Yeah. Good question and we all should know how she survives?

What gives us equilibrium here and balance?

Adoption is the Harlet who macerated around as Moses Mother, while Moses Mama went without and paid a dear price for her gift to that princess, and saving his life. Only to have him turn on that same princess with the same contempt the princess showed him by being so self centered she didn’t think of anyone but herself. And in the end of that saga? She paid dearly for her denial of who’s baby came down the Nile to her door? Not to a queens door? No. A queen would have returned the baby and blessed its Mother. Queens, true queens return what is not there’s and helps the child’s Mama to do better. That’s what makes her a queen. Selfless behavior is a hallmark of a queen.

But the story shows the whole Royal Family failed the test in humanities except Moses. They all died. And Moses lead his tribe out of bondage? How did adoption help when the tribe of Israel should have been able to walk away? But they couldn’t? Why? Brainwashed over years and years. Slave mentality. I see the pattern? Society gets stuck and needs someone to lead us out?

Moses was the only one who could save them. I get that. But why do we keep replaying that story line? Why don’t we all teach each other to save ourselves and be happy we can and coexist in some kind of peace? Are we to dumb to create better? That’s what I am saying? This place is all of ours home. Straight up. We have to get together sometime? Why not now and make it a thing to not fragment again by going back to the books and remembering fundamentals.

There. Just a few perspectives. I’ve got more and they all are linked together. Like a good foundation would be. Drives me crazy people don’t know this? Mother is like a barring wall. She hold the weight of the structure of the family. My Mama has needed me to strengthen her as she adjusts to my return. Which is a process not a snap to the fingers as people who watch movies just think it happens. No real time. Not movie time honey.

My Mama wanted me to let her in? And I just let everyone in. I had to I was raised Adopted. Now she can see the mess Adoption made and we can work to strengthen any weaknesses she may see? And add her special touches to who I am now? Like shopping for outfits and things when I roll into town? And coooking together and catching up on all the news which will be way shorter and hers still long due to my busy mental life.

To say the least Adoption way stimulated my mind. So I run double time as minds go. Most people are still trying to ask me for something while I’m gone and have brought it back? Lol.

And yes I am working on my fundamentals here and sharing it with you. If we don’t share our process then how can it become normal for everyone to process? I mean the brain is a big processor? Mine is fast and extended ram space. So I can multitask at light speed when needed. I run another when I am busy.

That’s what slowing down did was helped me hear and feel the knocks in my internal engine. I am not a slow person by nature. So it’s been a challenge to slow down and pay attention to my body and Mama and all that I face each day.

I do feel that once she and I settle down and finish our integrations. We both will naturally calm down and all the alarms will go off for good. And it’s a gut feeling I have so I pay attention to those.

I’ve been cutting a big chunk of data linked to me in both our minds and just confronting the energies as best I can since Mama blocked me. She’s not trying to block me. Adoption just created a block. I can walk away with my tail between my legs or I can roll my sleeves up and go at it? This daughter of Linda does not back down on a job she see even if no one else sees it! Mama was having a pain about me. So I went digging around too and used my own dirt to help her find hers. Yeah. I did.

What did anyone think I would do? Well forget that. That’s not this characters way. I do think I know myself and my parents? They are still my parents. Which means their survival genes are mine too. I adapted. Mamas adapting too.

We can snap back. Just saying.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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