My Mama needed to see…

The good sides of my Dad in me. Yes. She did. She worried. Like any Mama would about me picking up His bad habits. That’s the funny thing Mama? People just think you shut off? No guys? She just diverted energy towards me. Which took a lot of strength and will. Like I did it know my own Mama was worried about me? Lmao.

And if my sisters would think back? And put it all together? They would see why Mama checked out sometimes? She was with me. She wasn’t crazy. Living like that was crazy. She did get better after I came home and it scared the shit out of all of you! And good! We don’t need a bunch of shit anyway. We all held a lot of shit in. Fact.

This reading hits on many of the topics and people Mama is dealing with. The devil in the detail and me the teacher pointing her fingers. Capricorn energy and Aquarius. And I claim my place in this family dynamic and have been telling you what I am doing the whole way here. To our new life. The devil was the lack of details Mama needed verified by me.

She needed me to do what I am doing to prove the family tie she has felt all along that I did too. Yep. Signs. She needed signs. I’m pointing at them all around us. The wonder of God’s pleasures and our dismays?

yes. I am a deep thinker. That’s what you get when you play the quiet game. Deep, reflective thinking. With time. Thinking leads to ideas and growth. New things growing from thinking it through? And yet so many say we think to much? I say. Or enough? The brain is like a big processor? Processing information is key? Why would we consciously dummy down?

Thinking persay is not bad. But we can get fixated in Swirls or thoughts I call pools and collectives of thoughts that hang out together and form a belief. Beliefs are great. And should be challenged often. Beliefs can take it. Beliefs do change as we each us our processors and realize knowledge is power. Beliefs expand like anything. They expand as we are conscious of everything here in this cell called earth.

When we really realize, everything’s alive here and we all are one, yet individuals working together. It is dilution, to believe, any longer that everyone’s not affecting everyone.

We are the prodigals in mindsets. Wallowing in yesterday’s news. While today is fresh for new news? Yet we even hear it each day? Hashing yesterday and not learning a damn thing?

Oh. And Mama could have gotten our sooner but she needed the messages I wrote here. And she knew I had them. Yeah. The devil ain’t me. But some have said I was a devil? Which was more about them than me. And just shows what a mirror I am. Now Mamas seeing a whole new her in this mirror. And I might say she kind of like this side of herself. Xoxo.

And so do I. So do I.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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