Good vibrations. Bad vibrations explained.

Vibrations- thoughts.

Good thoughts.

Bad thoughts.

Each have a distinct vibration.

My body and mind work together to decode words and vibrations. Subtext beyond words which are connected to the emotional part of the body that tells the truth beyond the words.

Like my Mama who says the same old thing and I know she doesn’t mean it. She loves me and could find the words. She’d been saying something else so long she got stuck.

But? A good slap on the back from me? Got her right out of that stuck mode. Cuz I was stuck there too. With her.

Beyond the thoughts that got in our way I read between Mamas lines and watched her actions that told a whole nother story. Time and time again she opened her door. And called the Troops to see me. As if to say look! She came. She even told my sister on the phone one time I said she was a chicken shit! Sissy was stuck too. Like a robot in a corner just banging at the walls making a mess. Bang bang bang.

Mama knew I could see. She’s been counting on me to break the pattern from yesterday’s news so we can all live today and I can just go have coffee and my sisters give a shit and I give a shit and life good at Linda’s house. Cuz her daughter came home and did not back down like her Dad did. No and proved her wrong and right in the end. Xoxo.

These rocks splashed like in the video above, and rippled an affect. Love is a vibration no one can even contend. But I let ya play with it a minute thinking you could? Yeah. I played all of you like a fiddle. Forced all the hands and got the honest reactions. And I know what to do. And what the reactions. Mean. Cuz I am family. A sister and a daughter know what to do biologically it’s written within me what to do.

And I wanted to prove it publicly so there would be no doubt as to the strength of the child and Mother bond and the bond to family by activating my affect. To refute all claims that a child knows nothing and learns nothing while within its Mamas womb and that we do have memories. And that we do receive vital programming while growing inside our Mamas, that helps us find her. That genetics brought me home and that is a fact we must face.

Children migrate to home. Like birds of a feather flock together. Adoption just made me look like an ugly duckling? To my eagle Mama? She was startled. But she wishes to lend her love and assistance. Yes. Now that she can see the big picture. My Mama may have been blind sight. But she sees now. Yes. Thanks to her daughter. Who told the damn truth despite the fear she could loose her again.

I never want my Mama blindsided again. Full disclosure. Grounded. Loyal. Trustworthy. It is not easy telling your Mama the truth I have had to tell her. Exposing myself in public. I do have pride. But I will not let pride lead me to the fall. I will bow. And expose the crown of my head to her. I allowed my Mama to entree my shame cave. And showed her the only shame was she felt left out. Xoxo


one person can have an affect on another person just by being in the field. Three times I affected Mamas field with my energy, which is connected to her energy by being born from her, and activated her field with my field. Healing. I stood before her as real and in her aura, field of energy. Her thoughts brought me to her physically and I am testifying to that fact. As if to say to the family. She’s real for god’s sakes. And she listens and does hear my call through God people. Wake up.

Make no mistake she’s working with me. She’s my Mama. Make no mistakes about your connections to your own Mama and do the work needed. It is the highest calling.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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