Get my Mom back. Yep.

I just love this gal and she runs so parallel to my own journey with spirituality and my Mamas.

I love that she says the same thing I do to so many. I say, ” the Mother is the root system. Heal her and heal you. Heal you and heal her. And it is a powerful truth, when consciously known as you do vital Mama work in your life.

Healing is like a new set point. What I am doing and writing about that is happening with me and Mama is having a profound affect on my whole family, pushing years of stagnated mindsets our of the way so fresh new mindsets can come and take their place. Taking the thoughts captive that denied our truth as family. I am in order.

Separation is out of order. Unity is the ultimate goal after separations such as my family and I have experienced. Healing has reached us all in our minds first and has washed our perceptions clean, to show what is after all was said.

My Mama is my root system and her emotional, physical, spiritual state affects even me, but does affect my siblings beyond the affects to my Mama herself. She need not loose anymore I believe with all of my heart. And like Adelina, who also went and visited her Mom and did the work of updating and bonding, we reap the benefits of our hard work to forge our new.

Mama is done with all that. Now that she’s seen the light of our new day. Restoration is ours. And Mama didn’t know? But now she does and is the wiser for having a daughter brave enough to set her down and lay it allllll out on the table for her to have a good look over. I have answered many questions for my Mama. Many questions she has also had about me. Make no mistake. She’s been tracking me my whole life, praying and connecting to my energies. She just never knew it was a thing until now and that God really did let me hear her messages and prayers over the years.

She’s kind of blown away? Like you got to know? My Mamas hard core with God? And the word. She’s a self made scholar in her own right and does the work too for God and practices the scriptures. My kind of practice has blown her away? To see that I am running alongside her, paralleled my whole life and yet practicing differently and yet our works were the same and have yielded the same rewards.

Love. Mama wanted an unconditional love. And God did answer her prayers. Through me.

Cuz that just how I roll baby. Do or die doing.

Yeah. Everyone has wondered about me? I get it. So I just laid it out and showed you what’s up with me and my Mama. She’s everything and everywhere to me. I never ever lost my first love. She just moved away. And maybe Mama moved away for my Daddy too? And maybe she felt bad about it. And if so she should just be allowed to feel whatever she needs to feel and to be loved whole heartedly by the whole family.

She’s been through the ringer and now? She’s clean.

My Dad cares for her deeply. Whether he could express it well or not? He had feelings that ran deep. Probably made him act and talk a bit crazy? Love can do that. As sure as I know my Mama, I know my Dad too. His bloods in here too. And my guts tell me he would not leave her thinking he did not give a rats ass about her?

No. I am sure he was not that kind of man to leave her thinking he, or I didn’t care deeply for her. And this messages has been needed to be written so Mama could read it over and over and over to let it drip in and water that place in her own soul that needed reassurance that

  1. God is real
  2. My Dad cares
  3. My Papa Gerald cares
  4. Phil cares
  5. Gran gran cares
  6. Mama cares (roush)
  7. I care
  8. The family cares

My Dad would stand up and unite us now. He would bring us all together through me like a man. Unashamed of what came of his associations with my Mama, he would claim us all. Yes. He is through me. I am his daughter and can and do have the rights to claim that as truth, vested in me by birth right.

My Mama needs to know this truth in her very bones it must resonate. She must cherish the truth that my Dad, in me would not shirk his duty to help mend this with her. He would not want my Mama to feel badly anymore and to elevate all that pained her by exposing it.

We all have struggles. My Mama has had hers. My Dad and me need not be part of her struggles anymore. Through me. Love is all he sees for her.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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