from the other side.

I must have called a thousand time.

As my Dad says sorry to my Mama through me. And Mama gets to come home to herself completely free.

She needed to hear from him and to know it’s all ok. He doesn’t blame her for her decisions made. It was just the cards that got laid. Down.

But today’s another day when hope can spring eternal as Mama realizes her blessings came home and remembered. Her.

If there is anyone that can testify to how my Daddy felt about her it’s me. Flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones mixed with her is mine.

He. Is crazy about her? And he don’t care who knows. First three cards on my spread today.

Father of wands- my Dad was a fire sign. Papa Gerald was on the cusp of sag\cap. And his energy is present.

Devil- Capricorn. Me.

The hermit- Virgo, Mama.

Don’t even tell me God don’t talk to me through the cards? Lol. God is all and all is god. And I’ve got it dialed in right. For me.

Below those three cards in order were:

Temperance- backed up fire energy present. Two fire signs. Huey and Gerald. Two now tempered flames. Who, love my Mama.

And apology of some kind. Gerald has his arm around Huey as if to tell Mama, it’s ok. Papa was talking from his own wounding when he counseled her. Evidently he feels the need to say it’s ok to embrace me? He’s sending his blessing?

Like, “it’s ok Linda, go on there’s nothing to worry about? It’s time. Just accept it. I’ve accepted Huey. On the other side. Forgive me please and forgive yourself for being blind sided due to me. I am taking responsibility for this mess. Here. In public darling. I always sucked at apologies.

This message has kept coming and coming ok? Like some broken record my whole life. And it’s time to give it to Mama. Can I help I can do this? No. I can do what I am lead to do and give the damn messages I get? Papa seems to need me? Is that my fault?

I will say this? Why would I make this up? But he’s kind of pleaded me? And I have a responsibility to use my gifts for Good and if folks want to think their loved ones are gone forever? Well then ok? But that’s not how I experience it?

Two men that had some unfinished business with Mama and. Left her hanging about me? Well? Maybe other people don’t think about their ancestors when the shit goes down? But I do. I think, “what would my family do about this?” What would papa do? Any one of them? I do have a few? Especially when removed from those supportive characters in your life?

I guess people just don’t realize ancestors can help us? That their energies are alive? Inside ya? I have always been like this and never even considered that everyone’s not? And that some are blocked? But by what? What is a block anyway?

That’s what I am writing to show you but you do need all of the fundamentals of what the inner world of the mind is all about? And how our minds working in tandem with vibration and frequency can transmute energies for the highest good of all and be assured it will affect us all. Which is a huge hack.

Highest good frequency is infinite frequency of love. With trumps it all and accelerates us all and catches on like wildfire when folks realize we can progress faster unified. Unified does not mean we are not polar meaning opposites attract. Which is a good thing.

We must keep sight of our own differences and respect them. Boundaries are to be respected even though we are all connected and yet not severed. Severing a bond is ludicrous. Why?

Hello. It’s me. Your sister within this web of consciousness. I was wondering if after all these years you like to meet and go over? Everything. I do believe Mama would want me to teach our lesson. And show our feet. Grounded standing tall together. Just to show you. Bonds can’t be severed. That’s the wounding? To ourselves to think? Or hurt another hurts us all? If it hurts us all? Then if we heal ourselves it heals us all?

Like reversing the engines! And turning around! Oh! We got that in there? Oh! Let’s go this way! We can get better over here! Decisions. Directions. We all are affected? So we do all matter and yet don’t seem to feel it enough to express it to everyone on the planet? It’s the age old statement,”well I never got that so why should they? They meaning the present pattern waiting to be changed by your actions to deny that pattern and start a new better one by giving what you wanted to that person”. Like, why should she get all that? When she’s a bitch? I’m nice and don’t get shit?”

Think about it? She’s a bitch? So you deny her? Some understanding? And compassion? And keep her a bitch? Ok? Ok? You go? But I stop and listen to the bitch. I say, your bitchy! Why? Tell me. Let’s change this. And they tell me. Oh my! And none of it gets on me? I’m just witnesses. And it’s like? “You feel better?” And most folks says, “wow? I didn’t realize I was acting like Martha white? Thanks for listening to me and shoving some food into my mouth”.

Ain’t that what Mamas do? Yep.

Took me three face to faces to access Mamas mindset. Angry and bitchy and overwhelmed with my sisters. Bewildered. Mourning Phil’s loss? And I don’t mess around once called to an inside job.

Mama. Need everyone on the other side. Hello! And she called God and talked to God about them with her heart? God does not need words to know what is needed.

Don’t slight me, if being Adopted has expanded my mind and you struggle to understand me? I’m helping my Mama with her trust issues by identifying to her the lies between us both. Like don’t be hating on me cuz my brains going a thousand miles an hour faster than yours? And I seem off? You seem slow? Just saying.

I’ve lived a life of double time. Two Mamas one you see one you didn’t. Like don’t even. Just stop man. And pay some respects. To my Mama. Who made me. Stop laughing. Y’all think it’s so funny? Who’s laughing now? I’ve got two Mama? And everyone that laughed at me had just one? Lol. Poor babies? Slow and don’t know it? Is it my fault? I see it? And that many don’t? Oh. I’m the dick who’s done double time my whole life? You did single time? But I’m the dick for mentioning I had twice the weight on me as you? Ba ha!

Funny. Hello. It’s me.

last card was the world card. Cycle end. New beginning. New world.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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