Autoimmune response to: trauma is listed.

To look at ones own wounding or mutations after a trauma is of utmost consciences. To us all.

autoimmune is self hatred. Many are unaware. Those who come down with autoimmune carry the affects it us all. Everyone has had traumas. The question is how to we use our lessons to help everyone heal with ease?

How does anyone calm their own self hatred? Frustrations that spill into today? I dealt with for lack of whatever? Not knowing? And learning?

Auto. Immune. Tells me it’s an automatic response to traumatic, life changing happening in anyone’s life. Death, moving, loss, happens and auto immune wraps us. To preserve us as we seek healing and our lesson that will only be learned when we face the lesson.

If we lack immunity, which are nothing more than shadows of doubt. From yesterday. What hangs out in darkness? That will not be shown in the light? It’s how we feel about what’s shown? Not what’s being shown? Perception is key when looking at art made in the dark.

Art preserved at 25 for me to look at and experiences with all my sense and perceptions, the day she walked back into my life. Has been a drunken bender of my Mama elixirs. Like a cowboy on the desert. Her oasis of love did tenderly revive me from a slumber. Don’t even think she doesn’t understand about prayers?

I’d gone delirious from the wandering around a around, sniffing and trying to find her? How could she damn me? For giving a shit about her? Seriously? I would think she would be so amazed?


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