Who do I represent?

I’ll tell you who I represent here as I speak my truths. I represent anyone removed, abused, held back, abandoned, rejected. That is how big the whole in me is after loosing my Mama.

You all might have little dinky wholes in your hearts? And you all may have allowed strangers to hid your scares? And teach you how to act like normal folks without trauma to hide? Oh I’m preaching.

For us all. Do you even think God doesn’t see what ya went through honey? Oh my. Well come step up to my truth bar here and let me show you god’s love for us all?

  • It says the flesh is weak? Weak? Mine seems quite strong? Strong willed? Strong language? Strong mindsets? Strong? How is that weak?
  • Well? That’s the question I asked of God one day in a tree. Climbing to talk to God in a fruitless mulberry. It was like climbing to my tower as the princess to be, held by an evil queen. Held for some ransom or plea bargain. I was owned. Bought for not much? Just the hospital bill? A bargain? Or was I what the queen had ordered?
  • I think not. Oh Linda was rainy side saddle. Boy what a mouth? She? Did? Not? Like? How? I ? Was? Being? Treated! And told me to learn to fight and stand up for myself? In the trees. I’d call to God, and God would tell me what Mama was praying about me. Like wow? God was letting Mamas messages to God about me? Come to me?
  • Am I crazy? Well? I’ve wondered that myself? All these years? But? Every time I’d climb alone in that tree? God would meet me with messages about me? Kind of like being let into the palace to see on your own queen Mother? While you hang out with another who’s just not her? No.
  • My goodness? Mamas a one of a kind. Woman. Annie Oakley mixed with Elizabeth Taylor. Yeah. But she is like a Diamond. Many faceted. She does tile work exquisitely. Her miters are precisely done. And she’s passionate about what she does. She’s got vigor. And spunk. When she’s feeling well.
  • But on her dark days? She’s thinking of me. But she just wouldn’t tell anyone. So I’ve told on her. I don’t need the trees anymore to get through And get listen in to your prayers Mama about me. I’ve earned my strips. Let my scares for you bleed. And eat some bread while your at it. Pure loves alive in me.
  • Soft and kind. And cold as ice. Nice and neat. Freak in the sheets. Oh Mama. Can’t ya see yourself in me? Oh Mama who you used to be is alive in me. Ain’t no shame I her game and she come to tell ya. Hold that head up high!
  • I might be crazy! I’m the crazy everyone’s wanting a little bit of in this world. Love is the force that makes us go round. We all dip into the flip side of energies. And some get stuck. And love brings the truck and pulls them out? Lol.
  • I know you’re stuck on me Mama. And I’m stuck on you. And truth be known. So was my Dad til the day he died. Stuck on you Linda. I heard it in his voice. When I gave him a reason to say that name again to someone who really knew who you were to them. Yeah. Deep.
  • Oh when he laid eyes on me that day I just showed up. Like you like to do? Lol. Oh his eyes lit up!! He rushed outside and closed the front door to hold me Mama? He held me right off! So tender? So sweet Mama. Our first meet in front of his house? How bold was I Mama? You know why? He is handsome Mama. No shame in liking that about him? Oh. And so, light and lively? Still? And yet humbled and contrite. Respectful. To me his daughter from thee?
  • He received me with his arms opened out and prayed with me there 2 hours after we met? Was impressed Mama? Was impressed with what came of you and he? Oh please see.
  • psychecafe

    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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