Duality and Polarity

This is the lesson of duality and polarity.

  • Duality- divides and separates.
  • Polarity- unites and integrates.

And these two forces that are forces within this planet or cell as I like to say, work together. Back and forth and all ways, these two forces change and unite.

My Mama and I kind of became one. At least in me? Maybe she was immune? But I doubt it by the actions she has displayed before me? Actions much like my own? So? Safe to say she’s been expecting me? To balance this scale we’ve been riding on since I left like a see saw? And as you can clearly see? It left me a bit fragmented in my thinking? Or swirly? Round and round. Some kind of language adaptation or mutation? I mean I see it? And work with it? Just takes me a while to explain how I think and see things that’s all?

But, Duality just was not our thing? And we both tried to hide it. All kind of labels. And all it was was trauma from leaving the baby and loosin the Mama? And all this and that was just a symptom of a deeper pain inside our brains? Forget mourning? It’s like mourning without ending and trying to hide it so everyone can be happy? Over adapting is trapping. Up and down and round and round.

I think my sisters see it now? Consciously. We all have it in one way or another. And sisters working at fixing this. By being brave enough to finally call Mama! Do you all know how long I’ve been holding it in? Do ya? Can you call Mama any old time you want to?? Can you? Well be grateful and freaking share!! Will ya?

See? It just jumps in. I just can’t seem to edit anymore my brain won’t let me. I’ve unraveled. And yet still hear Mamas calls to my soul it’s unending and why would I lie about a thing like that? See? I want my intentions clear about here.

Now back to the lesson. I do wish you all would either speak to me or shut the hell up and be supportive? Your thoughts are making my ears ring!! And Mamas! Ask her. Go on. Ask her? Watch her face. When you ask her? Go on. Do it.

I am trying Mama. Lord Jesus!! Help me get through to my sisters!! I am public? And Mama has not stopped me? Girls. Girls. Girls? Sit down and think a minute. Please. Dear woman. Polarity. Balance. Now breath.

We are connected as ever. And Mama needs our help. And I need a sign your willing to allow me to tend to Mama? Or do you all want to fucking kill her? Like dudes. She needs me? And I am being as polite as I can asking y’all to let me in? I have what she needs? Am I not being respectful and honest? I do believe I am?

It is of utmost importance that you come get me to see Mama! Is this what you wanted me to see Mama? My sisters act like jackasses? Well I see it? Now sisters? What of this? What is your issue? You all are tearing Mamas heart out I am in it!!! Damn it! All to hell all these demons in my own sisters minds and ideas exalting themselves against God! Be gone!! Now in Jesus name!! Like sisters are sisters always!! Learn the lesson!! Pass the test!! Mama is watching!! And waiting!! I am tired too!

You are right Mama. Fruits of the flesh!! Ripe and ready for harvest! Thank God I always where my armor and am girded. And sword in my hand and shield of faith over my heart. I can not believe it? No? All of them? Oh no Mama!

Well, Mama. What must I do to help you? I’m praying and drumming and crystal bowling and chanting and praying and intending all the day long! What must I do? What would Jesus have me do? Hitchhike? I could? I never thought the girls would be like this? But I see. I see. And I accept your challenge Mama. I’m ready.

So many messages Mama. Just come spilling out all over my life. You. The painted you away Mama. But they could take you out of me Mama. No.

And we dance the dance of polarity and duality don’t we? We all have been codepending on each other and we are being separated and unified again. Rearranged by God’s hand as Mama has prayed for it to be done. Mama went over her own head. And called me out to stand in the street and give my truth out so you all could see we need each other?

Can’t you see sisters she’s tired of waiting? The only one she need any explaining to is to me and get it off her chest before it kills her? What have counselors ever done for Mama? That the divine comforter is not being to our Mama which is me her child? And daughter?

Our masks are off. Can you all see yet? As sure as I live and breath. 5 is the number of change. Alchemical symbol at the bottom is for air. Air means the mind. Change your minds too.

Lord. Make the way where there seems no way is. Thank you. Amen.

We were divided and now we are united. Let’s take the blindfolds off. We know who we are. Klan.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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