Good morning Monday and Mama💋

This Morning I am drawn to write about truth. And what I mean is, how do we perceive truth?

Most people stick to speaking only, positive truth, or may I say, perceived positive truths. It’s like, eating or sharing only cookies with everyone and yourself. Cookies are yummy this is true.

Remember balance though. To many cookies with spoil your appetite for other foods that are maybe less sweet and are more savory. The savory is a sustenance. Protein is key, and meat you have to chew and digest. Cookies don’t take much, get the sugar and go. But protein, and I am talking about not just food here, I’m talking about meaty situations, that just don’t go away? If not eaten and digested, can begin to rot and stink up your life.

You can pour canisters and truck loads of sugar onto the meat? But it won’t digest it. You can put salt on the meat and preserve it, so you can slowly digest it. Which is a good idea. I did that. Growing up I called it like it is.

  • I love my Mama and Daddy
  • I miss Mama
  • I long for home
    I don’t like being separated from my Mama and family
    I wonder who my dad is?
    Why do I feel so bad
    My body is unhappy
    I do not see how this is better. It’s problematic at best.
    This is not right, it’s left
    I feel Mama and Daddy with me
    I know I have a big family, I miss

And this and that along the way I tagged and salted to preserve the hard won truth of a daughter separated from her Mama would naturally carry. So that I could share that meat with her and see if she feels I salted it enough? To share the fruits of my labors at her great table.

Thou preparers a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Is not this planet God’s house?

Hold onto that as I lead you through the dark about healing. And Dealing. No healing without dealing with it. Eating the meat and digesting it. And that’s why the salt/truth is needed in preserving the meat for consumption. It an all in compassing truth. Salt, truth, preserves and predigests anything it hits.

What has my truth salt preserved in you Mama? And what has it burned away I ask you?

Rotted meat, that lacked my salt to preserve the truth you hold about me Mama. The meat of your truth we drug through that shadow of the valley of both our deaths got some salt. Finally. Preserving the meat of the thing between us which is, love.

Ok. Let me break it down. Truth is salt even if that truth is not your own? What do I mean. True love can not be rotted if you swallow or allow truth to be sprinkled on you, good or bad. It’s all how you look at it and that’s what I’ve really come to change between you and me; which is how we both see and C.

LET ME SAY THIS. YOU CANT JUST EAT MEAT MAMA. You need a balanced meal. Sweet and sour and fresh must be there at the feast of the truth. Citrus and savory go hand and hand. Vitamin see help you see. Raw vegetables with meat help digest the meat. What does this all have to do with us? There is a point but don’t get ahead of the teacher. All these things help you understand healing. As I break it down and help you digest it.

I’m beginning to see myself as vinegar and fresh veggies and fruits? Im seeing the cornucopia of our truth feast together? There is so much to celebrate. Right? Look at what truths we both carried to the table. The meats preserved in loving remembrance of each other? Our sacrifices preserved for our feast after the valley of the shadows of our deaths long ago and our resurrections now. We both made it back from the dead Mama.

It’s like and it is, that God has been teaching me how to talk to you my whole life. Through food and the Bible verses. Tie the roast up with twine, stuff with garlic and bake slowly to keep tender. And so I have each issue. I never let go of that fact, I love you. I tried to throw it away? Truly not because I hated you? No. But because it did require a lot of energy to include my love for you in everything and to consciously think about you. It wasn’t a conscious choice it just is the only choice my body entertained. Mama goes everywhere. Is everywhere. Sees and feels all. So make her proud or God will tell on you anyway.

Mothers do have spidey senses. It’s all part of the system, the body. The body is nothing more than a machine. An organic machine. And is the true devil. But not to crucify it kill? But to take like any beast. How do we tame it? Education, expression, food, for mind body and soul must all eat to thrive.

When separation is early, spidey sense go viral and explode. That is why we both are so sensitive. It’s called activation to awareness. You have it. Just not the understanding like I am sharing with you Mama. So you can except it. Your different. Changed now for knowing and knowledge is power. And God says study. Because God’s spirit is power, love and a strong mind and you have that. Now in greater measure as we feast together before the enemies of knowledge like ours.

We were feathered Mama. Together from beginning to ending and ending to beginning. Like two machines connected. Going through our motions. Dying now to an old dance, we Alice to each other can dance our dance together forever. Fully knowing we made it and came back together. You are worthy to be my Mama. By placement from the heavens it is so. No matter the truths preserved. We feast on them now forever.

Why? Because meat was not enough we needed each other. Poetry makes sense to lovers like us Mama. I’m here in California loving you like crazy. I am not lazy. I’ve planted seeds of Linda everywhere like old Johnny Appleseed did along my way back to you. It’s an orchard of plenty. Apples are good for the liver. We will live long together. Each person I’ve loved in God’s name because if you! Dear Lady.

Do not be mistaken to take so lightly thy body was given for me to grow from. And I am grateful for such a connection however wounded we both where. We have risen again with healing in our wings. Together. Nothing out asunder my love for you. Nothing. I’ve down hard Mama for this harvest with you. My Lady. Oh yes. I’ve studied just how to approach my Lady. Not just like a woman because woman can be two faced. But like a man. Honest and strong so she knows when the wind blows she can lean into me and rest for I am strong and will not wither.

Because that’s what she needs. Your own Mother. Might as well be me Mama. I’ve weathered a storm or two, three, 4. Why not? Be me banging on your door trying to get in and help you? Show my face. Take some shit. Kiss and hug you and leave? Paint some rocks and place them. Clean the windows and show off that view, phill wanted you to look at and remember how much he still love you silly. He’s still around just not in his body. Loving you. Wanting you to have you dream. He’s not forgotten his lady either? None of the men have forgotten you on the other side.

They are driving me crazy? Like lady? They all loved you as best they could you are a handful! I should know? And what’s wrong with that? So what my Mama has three lovers? Or more? Who cares? David sent a man to the front lines and figured if he was right God would just take care of him so he could love that bad mans wife better? Why not a woman who has more than one? We are all equal. Woman were taken from the mans side? Equal.

Just reframe it and see it like I do. You’ll feel way better. I’m thankful my Mama loves my Daddy. And that she never stopped loving him. And there is no shame in that action. To do anything else would have been a lie my Mama would not live with. So she just tried to hide it. In me. Xoxo threw me away to another to preserve that love for my father created from her. So, that one day that love would come back and remind her of what love is.

Beyond compare. So get over it any hatters! I love my Mama! Can’t change it so just get used to it. If I am obsessed. Excuse me. I’ve waited in line my whole life for this lady. Who’s name I share to take a moment to spend with me to make memories with each other. Our new history.

Dark shadows hides from views all that is to be. Light illuminates and transmutations gleam at our noon day. The lost is always found when you turn the tables over in a sacred place within Mother.

Bring it Mama. I can take it. 💋✅🙌💯🙏❤️


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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