Good Morning Mama.

Just did a card reading and called all heaven to speak to me.

First cards shows me our mountain. Our dark truth, meaning truths beneath the surface of our consciousness. Meaning each other’s side of that mountain that we both wanted to see. So that we would naturally restore our original balance. 6 is the number of balance. Which shows me we are there.

How? The next card shows me? We flew over that mountain together, 2 union and working together like horses we jumped, over the maze and mountain, and through the storm fields of the feedback loop that started this whole adventure of ours Mama? 9 is the number of completions.

For what? I’ll tell you what. Education, and awareness of each other. Boundaries that for you and I are now boundless. And yet we now see each other in the threads are we in the other just woven differently, and now twined, and consciously seen by each other. 8 in the number of infinity the results of a trinity Mama. 3 is part of that number. 5 is the number for changes. Educations changes us always for the better especially after learning hard lessons long awaited for my you Mother.

Goblins we have faced each to the other and in so we have confessed our sins to each other and not strangers. Knowing that forgivenesses power is our freedom hour as we practice the code and receive our rewards through grace with is each other.

5 again for change. God’s changes us all and we’ve been educated. On the two side of our mountain as we flew round and round it in God’s big helicopter as we were flown to God’s holy Lair. 19=10=1. One is the new beginning after the feedback lessons. A clean slate. This clean up was divinely ordered by you dear lady and God always answers in his and her good time, divine time.

But there are always messages of its coming.

God always heals the Ouch, 38=11. 11 is a master number. Which shows me we came to master this moment of completion and new beginnings. You and me, we had history lessons to learn and gain content to understand each other. And to have our own special language together like all children do with their Mama.

11=2 again. Which also means soulmate. And 6 also means soulmate from the past. There are two of us here sending loving regards your way my Lady Luck. A tip of his hat and a shake of his butt to you from that man you made me with Mama. And he’s saying he ain’t ashamed of nothing about you Mama through me. And I do have the right channel! I think I would know my own father? May the goose bumps begin Mama as his spirit gooses ya. He’s silly Mama. That is for sure.

And excuse me for letting God use me to deliver you messages. I’m pretty sure grace has got me covered. We all got our reasons to live Mama. And for me it always was to make you and my Daddy proud even if I had to wait to get to know ya. That’s the love of this daughter for her own parents. Xoxo

And it’s Sunday Mama. Thank the lord today for the day I was born will ya? Hat the hell kind of power does a storm feedback loop field started in the sixties think it can do to dampen the hearts of those three souls within it? God made her to stand in her own storm and bring it back to Mama and show her her own wonder again. Xoxo

New begins and endings with a bang. Xo

And of course a song from me and my Daddy to you. 💋🤧✅❤️


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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