Note to Vicki and a read for Mama

I hope you are helping explain all this future Victoria? We’re ya just gonna keep it all to yourself and not let our Mama learn and grow and trust God? Obviously she has picked up the idea that tarot is the devil? Now sister. Don’t leave Mama in the damn dark ages. I’m praying like a sweaty Betty here. Mama will love tarot.

God has and I repeat no objection to us playing a game that is allowing God, source, attraction energy , all of the above to communicate with us. Sister our Mama must not be left in the dark. It’s something new you can share? And it’s clinically sound therapy Using the right and the left brain.

Do you want her mind to go crazy? Girl? She’s you too? Reads cookbooks. And all kind of books. The Bible. Always wanting to be what we would call in alignment and she calls god’s will? Please teacher it’s a language thing, show her the words that are the same and yet different so she need not fear ever again.

Study to show thyself approved. A workman who need not be ashamed. Auntie O says to teach your Mama and make it fun. And maybe ask sister Belinda up and have a full moon night and ritual so Mama can begin to learn and get comfortable? I hate that she fears Sister. It’s sick you left her like that?

Goodness. Mama I apologize it’s taken me so long. But I’m through. Like I hate doing things twice but that’s my life. Lol. Yeah. Thanks. So sweet of you. Lol. Oh you take things hard Mama. Lighten up will ya? You affect all our energies. Your the root of our tree. Your blessed Mama we all love you. Even me. That wolf child wicked one angel. lol.

You knew I’d be strong Mama. And if smell like shit. And have all my tales. Your poetical child. Sept you threw me out in this version!! Guess you saw it coming? Lol. But I got the good down in the troff with the pigs Mama. Jesus can go there. Did go there. And loved them anyway. Someone’s got too.

I felt like

Hell without you Mama.

And by the way. I speak my mind most days. I just had to get a lot of my chest. Mama knew this was coming. And she loved me anyway too. Unconditional love attracts unconditional love. And I bait my hooks right the first time.

Mama needed to rummage around in my mind like all Mamas do. Just to remember herself again and walk down memory’s lane. And her herself telling the truth again. A sweet reminder of a time when she let her hair down and made me.

What a surprise I was. You thought dad was a clown. I’ve got his eyes to see with. Lord Jesus you fine Mama. Red hot. Lol. I don’t blame you at all for going there. And I’ve been good and naughty just to make you feel at ease Mama. Thank god for grace Mama. Yes. I’d get dirty for you. I do have a work ethic. Right now I’m working on you.

Yeah. I Stopped my train in her tracks. To get this cleared up. Did I realize we had all this. Well? I had an idea about me, and you. But the triggers we share? Wow it’s true! How connected we are. It’s wicked cool. And I wanted the world to know. To see and have proof that a child might say a lot of things. But at the end of each day or the beginning of the next each child thinks of her Mama and I have two.

I am blessed. Thanks for making me Mama. This body is adaptive as hell. Who led cool and very high tech and sensitive like better than gps. It’s like sensing of the chain. Abilities galore. What did you pray over me Mama? Lol.

Oh to be free of it Mama. Oh the glory of grace and forgiveness. A test like that is the fire. To allow my inner child to confess her sins to her own Mama. What a blessing you are to me Mama. I know it was hard to be my priestess of confessionals. But thank you Mama.

Fear tried to get me Mama. But I prayed and rebukes fear. Where did all that fear come from Mama? Who was fearful? I remember when I first found Christ and was on my first fire. I found the scripture about fear.

For god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and of sound mind. I used to be scared of the dark Mama. Something bad. And I began entering the house at night with all the lights off and I would walk scared as shit, of course I did not say that word back then, and quoted that scripture and overcame my fear of the dark. It’s worked. I describe it like I wrote over fear with the code of love. Magic Mama the word.

Truth spoken is love. To withhold truth is the opposite of love. To get truth you must speak truth which builds trust. Our bridge Mama. Solid gold. Built it with the word. That is sharper than any two edged sword. And will do what is it sent to do Mama. Am I not right? I didn’t need to throw the Bible at youuuuu Mama. All I had to do is tweet the words in your head and connect the dots and then hit the damn buttons! Boom! Presto! Waaaah laaaa! Mother board back on line. Connectivity baby from in high. Hallelujah. Praise his name!

Yep. The old you died Mama. And I resurrected the new and improved!! Updated classic model Linda Marie. She don’t need no Hemi. She’s running on racing fuel and coffee. Lol. Mario A. Speed racer. Pink corvette and mustang sally all wrapped together. Eleanor in gone in sixty seconds. Oh Mama. Vrrrrrooom! Right if her own show room floor with a rowdy round of applause. I am ahead of schedule as usual. We Capricorn Aquarius rising don’t mess about when it come to Mamas new reveal.

And now you’ve seen it all Mama. This star light up your sky and shows you what ya needed to see. I’d never leave my Mama in the darkness for long. I was crying the day I came into the world. Did you really expect I’d be quiet so long? Got ya Mama. I proved ya wrong for a minute. But ya know we Linda’s.


Goodnight. Loving you always and forever.

You are precious and I treasure.

Note- purging the negative doesn’t mean that you have to stay there if done properly all let it go. It’s called no hold a grudge. It’s biblical and sound. Tell the truth is not holding a grudge it’s a confession. Once confessed and no one takes offense, each person can speak their truths, but at the end you work to let them go to have better.

My sisters and I missed out on saying I hate you. So we had to go through it after all grown up due to my adoption detour. Developmental the whole family had to develop and evolve and grow. It’s only logical that removing an ingredient will change the whole recipe, mama knows. And I am an ingredient in the recipe.

I speak truths and lies. Because lies can become truth if you hold them in long enough. That’s part of this lesson. Mama don’t want that old truth and we need to all let it go and come together. That is plain to see. And I really don’t like y’all disrespecting her like this? I mean if you can’t even listen to your sister who’s a preacher? Do y’all do Mama like this? Seems like we might need more forgiving? Here. Of that is the case but surely I’m just silly? I hope so.

Drives me crazy when Mamas all praying and trying to tow a line and all her kids are all divided? Seems so sad for her? With all of us not just me? Yeah. We are a team? And I’d figured that you’d all get it together? But evidently I am needed to heard us all together? Whatever. I am up for it. Seems I’m the only one showing Mama?!!? What’s up with that? What’s up with my sisters Mama?

Do they read the Bible and know what is best to do? My my. Like you all could try now. That’s Mamas language? Duh? Like give and take. She loves the word. You all act like it’s the flu? Or what?

Vicki just busts into the house like she own it? Calling me names and saying I’m unwelcomed? Mama? These girls are infected. Calling me crazy? Right in Mamas own house to the company? Treat me like shit? Showed your ass right up to Mama. Bam! Got ya! Have you even thought you might have lost a bit of respect darling? For pulling that stunt? We were taking until you came bursting in like some Jimmy Swaggard. Lol. What a shit! I’d have rung you neck coming into my house and acting like that without permission? Are you saying Mama let’s you act like that?

Like? Even Chelsie Lynn got infected too all acting like you all? I never? In my life thought I would not get a safety call from y own Mama and family? Let a child tell them what to do? Chelsie? You know better but thank you for showing me my family dynamic darling. Blocking is ridiculous. Just politely excuse yourself is all? And let folks know where you are so if someone gets sick or dies we can notify you. It’s common decency Mama.

What happened? I know. It’s gonna get better Mama this is an intervention Mama. I’m

Not leaving you. But face the fact that you worry I will. Just stop. Ok. This is natural for us to be like this for god sake? This is healthy. Everyone else is fake now? Ok. We made it.

When a child is kept. Synapse in the brain would have already built all these bridges. But Mama and me had to do it like this cuz of all the family. Mama does want everyone to know about her fourth child. Actually the third child. I’m just as special as you let’s be fair. We are all equally loved by our Mama.

Healthy people talk about everything and work it out. Even the bad stuff which most woman are not taught to deal with except in fake ways. And yes. I am bold. I had to be to get my needs met growing up with a stranger I called mother raising me. I had to build that in her head too. Just like me and Mama here so I’m a pro at building strong lasting connections. I’ve worked hard to learn how to build healthy connections with everyone. It’s not who your connected to it how your connected too.

Everyone’s got value.

And if ya can’t take the heat go take a cold shower and come back and get to work.

Let not be lazy in Mamas hour of transformation and personal power. God’s blessing her with freedom.

Let’s have some respect for our Mama.

Use your words and not just unwelcomed and crazy. Ok lady?


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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