Just roll with this sisters.

Your sisters coming clean after years of holding it in. Just imagine you trying to be me.

ive waited so long to be able to give this all wings to fly away. And am using this to help others. 50 years? Reluctant is an understatement.

If I’ve triggered you with my truth. Ask yourselves how triggered I was at the hands of a stranger? And if you’ll just take a moment to think about it and go back? It bleed through to Mama a bit. She’s was not herself? She was linked to an evil queen. United with darkness. I lived it darlings.

And was forced to become addicted to abuse in many ways. This is me coming clean before all of you. I saw it was my only way. The only way to get through to you all and make you see what this life was for me. Your sister.

If you say I lie? I’ve lied publicly. Think about it. Why? Would I do that? If it were not the truth for me who’s grown up beyond all of you. I am counting on Phil within all of you to see. He had a fabulous mind. All his advice and wisdom, and he was ______too. He was much like me. Or I was much like him but a woman. Which is lower in status. Much harder to turn it all around for me. Much. I’ve been limited.

Yet. God is helping me. Even if you don’t believe in God. Surely you can see it’s way bigger than me? Like. All this has already happened. And I am now just telling our dear naive, lambie Mama what and where and snippets of feelings mixed with happening. Riddles? My life has been a riddle until God gave me Mama back and I could look, look, peer into my pure mirror to see what she had done to me. Scared and mammed in my brain. Neglected. Denied access. Boxes in. Moved around to suit someone need for control of another due to feeling the same.

Not everyone faces their behaviors and calls themselves out publicly darlings. Only those who wish to truly change do that. Our Mama wishes to change. Her soul is calling me back. It’s beyond what her brainwashed brain can stop. It’s meant to be. Lizzy boo will have better. Vicki will have better. Phyllis will have better. I will have better as soon as Mama is better. She is the root to us all.

Yes. This is deep. And must be tended to by someone who has the purest intentions for her highest good. Mamas anger be damned. Her confusion be damn. The truth is setting us all free to be who God made us to be by placements and genetics. Sisters. Connected always. You’ve all felt a bit of my pain your whole live beginning when I was removed.

Truth be known it’s Mama who’s had it and is basically praying me clean. Truth be known. I know this. She can deflect. Due to her own behaviors that are also changing. We all have been linked to a liar. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Mama signed and agreement with Mama Jean. And Mama Jean is in fact a liar. I’ve called her cards. See her truth. Linda style. Babes. You are loved and solid in me and in Mama. We all have our places in her heart.

You’re all just now getting to know that energy of me that’s always been around you. Mama just kept me hidden. All of Mamas strange behaviors. Linked to me. She never let go and I was twisted up like a pretzel. So. Mama went there too. She held on in her heart to me. It’s quite beautiful and so loving. As I always imagined her. She blocked me so hard. Her body just took over when her brain was on lock. Strange actions and words spoken. Stepping through our connections.

I’ve just taking my masks off. And all places on me for protection. To show you the ugly scars. In my mind. Cut deep by a strange woman Mama gave me too. Please. Do not deny me. Too. Like I’ve come so far now. Naked as the day I was born before the world right now.

Dog into that faith of yours and Into your own selves. Ask. Why would I attack this to me? Why would Mama attract this to her? If not to make it right and not leave me this way. But Mama can’t do it on her own and she’s been waiting for all of you to see. Just like me.

She’s not just your Mama. She never was just your Mama. She’s mine too.

Yes. I was emotionally threatened like she says in the read. We all have been internally affected. When on person from a family unit is gone and a loss is incurred, Gregg hit the whole

Unit. Conscious or unconscious. We all lost that day. The saying goes,”if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. Do you really think our Mama was happy? Happy people tell the world and yet Mama hid it. Stop. Think. Put it together. I know I am sporadic. And a bit fragmented. Like duh.

I’ve had a hit to my language center. She did slap me across a table? And there wet other injuries neglected. I’ve figure out how to write my feelings here to ask for your help. I really just need to be allowed to be around you to heal. That’s all. It’s simple and yet powerful that power of genetics. Like a sponge I will just take in the good things I’ve been missing and assimilate them into myself.

And in the end it makes us all very dangerous to lies and liars and darkness mixed with ignorance. It’s makes us wiser to behaviors and changing them within our cell. I’ve walked through hell. Loving all of you as my shield of protection. My love for you is stronger than any evil queen who’s lost in her own abusive behaviors to see. Me. Loving her Linda style?

Please. Take me back. Your free will can help me. Don’t give up on what’s to be. Our future is bright when we unite.

Trauma gets blocked so we can survive. Mama blocked a lot. That my truth drug up. For healing and changing. I am already within this family always by divine placement. I was moved. Never removed. I’ve said removed. But it’s moved. And you’ve all kept my seat warm. Held my spot if you will energetically? And now we all feel wabbley now that I am integrating back in at Mama souls demand. It’s classic codependent change. Classic. When a codependent family changes, everyone feels it. We have been codependent on each other due to the trauma my moving did to Mama. For Mamas sake we became cohesive to survive the hit.

My own mind was whirling. Imagine hers if connected to me? Hence sharing a brain with Barbara Marie? The effect on Mamas brain due to relinquishment. Separating a child from their Mama is just as traumatic to the Mama. She has hid it to be strong for you darlings. But she needs to let go of that. And just be. Accepted and she will just begin to relax as we just show her love and acceptance and hold her hand in recognition and validation of her strength to rise too. I would never leave or let her down in this hour of need.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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