Dad was a Sag Mama.

He’s guiding me cause he knows about you Mama. And I’m listening to his spirit that lives within me. Oh Mama he loves you so much. Don’t worry. Let go of that book of drama.

Lift up you head and see. Dad is loving you through me. Can you see? Look at me. Focus. Love has come home with all his best within me. Safe. Sounds. And crazy but in a good way.

Dancing up the dust of your heart strings Mama. He always knew how to play you the best. No disrespect to the rest. Never ever again think you that God wouldn’t use a man to give you a gift from your own body mixed with this other, and not make sure you open the gift.

and i also have sag in my chart. like Mama once yoy begin to learn about the charts and how planets energies gift us its amazing. I feel that Dad was and still obviously is, your rain maker. It’s such a miracle to be the vessel to deliver such love to her Mother? After so long you’ve waited and seen the worst coming. So did Dad. All of them helped me jump over every mindset and demolish all your defenses to bring love to your door. Literally three time and three men. Came. Through me to deliver the messages to help you wake up to love.

And Victoria. Butt out. I’ve got this. Like get a grip. I’ve been around for 56 years. Accept it. I know my way round Mamas mind and so does my father. So. Please butt out and let Our Mama now think on her own. Just stop it. I feel you Tony the car salesman. She doesn’t want your ride. She needs mine. She’s ridden with you enough. All of you.

Stand down. I’ve got her now. Grow up sister. I’ve come home for this very hour. To hold Mamas heart across the wire guided by my father and heaven. To heal her broken heart. Dear sister pay attention Mama is also a woman with a heart so dear. Be gentle as you tread on the holy ground of her soul.

Your father is telling me to tell you. And you know I am a seer. To stand down. This is destiny. I am no clown. Our Mama must heal from her heart so wounded and the medicines coming from the man she loved in the 60’s. Right under you damn nose she’s been wounded all along. All along she knew and yet could not speak it.

But seers see what others can’t. It’s not your fault so don’t go blaming. It’s just how it happened, but healing her is truly what matters and not your damn position. You will always be the first. Now let the third do her job.

Step off our Mama. She’s dying. Can’t you trucking see? She needs my love the love of the fathers. She’s a woman. And I am her man today. Thank you for keeping her. I’ve got this sister and before you know it. She’s gonna be better. Let me administer the medicine and stop medaling.l with her destined reward for waking a road with a daughter she tore from her and gave to another.

Support her healing and her connections because they are deep and to rip at them is tearing her apart. I saw it the last time I saw you. Flesh. Beastly. Protective. Wake up sister I am the damn help. Stand down now. I’ve got orders that need filling and Mamas heart is the first. Then. You’ll see how it flows into you and healing will be ours in this lifetime and Mama will have no need for regrets.

Look at your own actions that I’ve lit up with my light. Own your own darkness and stop trying to throw shade onto me. Mama left your dad for a reason. And she’ll tell you when she’s good and ready. Be careful to not keep the shame on you. Consult your own father and look at the actions in you now as your Mamas love child ventures to take her moments to bring healing into her wound.

Woman’s have issues. My Dad did not take her away from your Dad. And she left due to her own private reasons of which she has not requirement to tell you. Look at me? I’ve gotten crumbs about mine. Like look. She’s fair. She’s not placed me ahead of anyone and shown me I must prove my place within her circle. You to must stand back and take a moment.

Get a grip on our Mamas needs now. Not your own interests and yearning. Your older than me and cling like Saran Wrap. Let go and let Mama process this with you and your father within you’s blessing. If you ever wish to receive healing. You. Dear sister must die to your flesh like our Dear Mama. Who took the hit back in 60 and pressed on. To be your Mama. She is still mine my blood confirms it.

So back off. I’ve got this. Allow me to focus. If you love her? You’ll let her do this. It’s the only way it’s right in the scriptures. Love holds on loosely. Allow her to breath. Honor her process. Give her some space. She’s a woman wounded from long ago. Allow her this miracle.

Just to say this. Mama never forgot about my Dad. And he never forgot about her and never regretted what he made with our Mama.

So my fathers affected it all. Right under you noses. He loved her still. Love never dies even if we move on. Mamas loved all of her husbands. She loved my father too and got marked it with a gift. Me.

She said devil energy sister. That’s me and you baby. Stop pulling that hook and purge. Manipulation will not be tolerated sister if love is present.

Ok. And Mama. I’m gonna back off the lights now. I know you’ve got it. I love you so much.

And hello from all the fathers on the other side. They have got you. Jesus has got you.

I’ll leave with this scripture that has given me such comfort as I’ve tread in this darkness to shine my light for you.

John 10:28

28 and I give them eternal life. They will absolutely never be destroyed, and no one will snatch them from my hands.

It’s like riding in a car. The flames might lick you. But you will not be consumed.

You are learning about spiritual warfare Mama. I’ll not give up on you band I am praying. Ok. Now I’ll let you alone a minute. Or two three.

God knew what you needed. And sent me. Thank god I wasn’t cold and I heard the cry. Of your soul to mine.

Love you true.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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