The elephant in Mamas china cabinet

Has outgrown her cage. Like a bull in her mental china cabinet. I’ve broken the walls and torn it all down due to just being to big for it anymore.

But Mama doesn’t care. Her elephants come home and broke down the doors and is a live and kicking us into our new day.

Because. She was in that China cabinet with me dear souls. A Mama like mine would never leave me completely after she realized she’d been had. But she need me to bust us out. She needed to see.

56 years of been breathing and loving my Mama. Let the record here show. 5 I’ve been actively proclaiming my love. When will you believe Linda? Now is the time to use your faith. I’ve thrust your hand in my side. Let you see the wounds I’ve taken for YOU DEAR WOMAN.

That every person she loved, that love was sent to me. Through time and space. She gave as unto God and God gave unto me through the hole in her heart the shape of me, she shed her tears and hence watered me.

So I would live and come save ya both from squashing in a china cabinet so glossy and a prison neither of us could fit in.

And our time had come. But she need me to prove the math of our story and dot all the eyes and cross all the teas for sipping. Her made hatter would not let her down she’s loves being crazy for Mommy.

I setting the record straight for my Dad. Your lover Mother. Own it. You’ve loved him in me. And that is perfectly natural. All Mama do love the father in their children it’s true. You’ve only denied it in me.

And dad. Loved you too. Own it. I’ve proved it by shouting my love from this roof top!

desensitization of our senses. We don’t need to be on high alert anymore. You’ve always been safe with me Mama. I have kept your honor always is what I am saying. I whipped that preachers daughter for you and set the whole kindergarten straight about You in regards to me. Stuck a pie in their hole. Shut them all up. And the story went far a wide Mama. No one dared cross me about you.

  • You are my shield of protection and I am for you too. I wear holy armor tooled by Mama is what I want you to see about you. Holy. Precious is the armor of God that is Mama. That’s how deep. Would Hod deny me? My armor and defense any longer? No.
  • As a 5 year old I learned of the power of the love for my Mama. Set them all on their ears. Set them down.
  • There’s a line in a song that is vulgar. But I’m gonna share it because it just fits.
  • Be humble, Bitch sit sit down
  • Bitch be humble. Sit down.
  • People tried to call me rude and I’ll mannered.
  • But. It after I was through teaching them about you dear Mother.
  • And it’s been my honor. To carry my torch for Mama all my life!! Twisted crazy world could not keep my light from you. I was made from you and for you. I’ve just shared you along the way back home. The tales about Mama. And my love for her has left folks speechless and wanting more.
  • Take it in. I’ve cracked that heart open in the chamber I love. My love is gushing within you where I’ve always lived. Take it in. Rest in my love nest within. I’m home.
  • You’ve won in the end. We’ve all won.
  • know this. Your no longer stuck at 25. We’ve grown up together. Isn’t God great to save the best growing for last as we’ve grown back together. At last.


    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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