Ok. Let me break this one thing down.

Naturally, birth leads to expansion of a divine connection between Mother and Child. The two grow, together, and apart in an ebb and flow. It’s a natural thing and just happens.

Developments happen. The brain develops. The body’s develop. And all those involved grow and develop naturally. In school children develop and learn. This happens with family as well. As we share and actually create the content of our story. Content is key. Without it? The unit, family cell, key players are malcontent. They lack content.

And what I am pointing at by using my own precious family to bring us all cerebral healing at the soul level is this, we were denied content for growth in many areas due to, my Adsense if you will. It’s not that I am so great. It’s that we all are great, but could see how great without my content which was basically cut off.

  • Developmentally this cut off cause a diminishing of content, into our whole, the unit, and developmentally we all we stunted in little ways that ripples through the whole family. Behaviors showed up. PTSD, panic attack a, migraines, and emotional difficulty’s, and communication issues stemming from our dear Mama having to basically block her true voice. And me being removed stunted our mental and emotional development.
  • I’ve been guided by the divine to bring the juice and content that our unit lacked for a better word. Mama, denied herself that. Now. Before we all go sad and gloomy. Mama did not realize this and has come into the awareness of what I am so bravely standing up to show you all, of what she has been looking for. The answers to why on her side. As I tell why from my side. She sees.
  • It’s glorious what content can do to change a mindset. I am proud of myself for following God fearlessly even while I feared greatly!!
  • I’ve lead my Mama just beyond the threshold of her promised land which was mental expansion. You don’t have a woman that has book like a librarian who is not hungry. And I fed her! She was starving. All of you were and she knew it! Her day had come to face this and learn and grow. Back into each other. Oh Auntie O was a player. Yeah. My ancestors guided me by divine appointment. God gave me all access for this test. Every akashic book wide open because I was chosen to live with out Mama.
  • God took me up as the word said I I accepted and did not push God away and clung closer as God lead me back to Mother. To teach her all my lessons. God showed me through a life lived without Mama what a Mama means as a whole. To all of us not me alone. Mother is key and crucial. Intricate delicate. And we must begin to savor. Respect and preserve the Mother figure.
  • This one thing we do has altered our whole reality and many like Mama wait from the silence of their children’s footsteps. Sneaking up behind them and boo! Holding flowers as we make her laugh by the hours because the world supports birth and stops hating children and killing us and removing us like warts on our Mothers nose.

  • Who said I can’t home or go home? Who. I call you to come forward. You need to learn this and stop being ignorant you idea from Moses day. It’s a pattern we all can change in our minds. Just like I’ve changed in my own Mamas.

    Adoption punished my own Mothers. It’s not natural. And was used in a sever case of psychosis. Back in the day Jews could not stand up to rulers. But this is America we’re rebellion is cool and useful if we use it to bring changes that matter.

    Mama saw me as a mistake.

    Then she saw her decision as a mistake.

    Now she sees Adoption was a misstep.

    A detour. That I was always gonna come back to her.

    And she understand why. Because Mamas are crucial in evolution.

    I’ve had to work hard to learn all my learning to bring back to My family unit.

    It’s not that hard if we learn the lesson I’ve learned.

    Patterns can be changed. We don’t have to keep doing it the same.

    I’ve used my gripping and groaning to teach you my lessons for lack of my Mama.

    Frustrations galore. Double time

    Homework. Like a damn soldier I’ve marched alongside Jesus as I clung to his robes. As he’s walked me back to Mama and taught me what to say to the world about her.

    The only shame in this truth was that Mama had to hide it for fear of retribution. Which I release from her. If I can forgive her. Then you better. Come hell or high water I stand up for my Mama.


    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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