Let’s chat about gun control.

Let’s just say. adoption disempowered me. But I got my power back and my voice to stand up.

Predators. Yes. I know this word well. And they used no gun to remove me from my place in my unit. No guns.

My Mama lead to the skater like a lamb for the taking. Disarmed and not knowing. Lead to disowning me. Which is unlawful and can’t be done as I’ve shown you.

I’m still connected. After all of these years.

my Mama may have, had nothing then to defend her right to be Mother.

But I just gave her the bullets for her gun. Polished of the finest of silver.

I’ve had to search high and low for this silver and gone these bullets until they resembled a bullet. With my bare hands and god’s will I’ve done it.

Brought the defense back to my own Mother. Because no one defended us did mean I could do it. I just had a detour for some lessons and silver.

And god’s taught me how to shoot them to Mama with pleasure I’ve given my Mama what she surely needed when I was to young to defend her honor to be my own Mother.

The constitution took both our rights away unlawfully and made us think its was ok.

Buts it’s not. My human rights were denied by lawfully, unlawful surrender of my Mama appointment to be deemed my own Mama.

Let the record state here. I’ve given notice to unlawful deemed lawful practices. And have proven my case with my life testimony.

Adoptions going down. Mark my words here. I am prophesying the future. It’s finished.

I don’t think my Mama realized what a powerful pivot point she was standing on until her super star shone the light on her. Her story will rivet the planets vibration and she will cast our all doubters in ignorance when she stands up to back me up with her silver polished by her own daughters sweat and blood I did tenderly tell her as best this story would let me. She knew this day was coming.

That God would give her her shot on a platter cooked up by her daughter. As she ate humble pie and realized how loved she truly was, is as always shall be by God, and her daughter.

I love redemptions story. So tragic and then magic. When God puts it all back together. Better. And uses it to change the minds of many.

Redemptions is a 180. Change agent.

Why were Mama and I not safe?

Why were we both punished.

Why was I incarcerated? And told it was an upgrade? Do you think me a fool?

That I did not know it was unlawful?

With every fiber of my body made by my own precious Mama, maligned and demoted.

Stripped of her own title, my the mind that you brainwashed to tell her? She was a saint for giving?

She’s not been living. She’s been pining close to the Forrest. Waiting for baby. To come home to her.

Trauma? Oh Lordy. My Mama need this medicine. To heal and grow her healthy.

You half killed her. And me for that matter.

But oh God would not have it. Kept me alive and taught me how to heal myself so I could bring the meds back to Mama?

How dare ignorance rein. Our story will make its mark. Or I’m not Linda’s daughter. Which is a lie!! I am Linda’s daughter it’s in my damn name!

To god be the glory!!



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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