Oh the tornado that came

Oh the tornado that came on a dark lonesome morning.

Little did she know.

That that ball of fire would never retire as a holy heat seeking missile of glory for Mama.

Mama heard the thunder. The nurses insisted on showing her the spectacular ball of wonder whose cry was like thunder.

Oh Mama was under some he’ll inducted curse. What was worse is the devil enticed her and beguiled her as he told her this great new idea of scarf icing the child but he didn’t use those words now did he? No. He didn’t. He was so kind and assuring as Mamas mind was now blurring under the spell of cojerring. Drooling he’s was smearing under the costume of a doctor, lawyer, man. All part of some plan.

To get the baby. Her baby. Oh what a saint she would be. That’s not what happened did it Mama? You don’t feel like a saint? Do ya? So they….. lied to ya. Red handed. I’ve heard some of the story. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon Mama. Or maybe it did?

But this tornados filled with love Mama. And I always clean the kitchen up first before I get to conning something up good. And the proverbial kitchen was a mess. Not fault on anyone. Just the fall out of our transformation. Back to how god made us Mama. Mother and daughter and sister and cousin.

There. Maybe a bit more for icing. But there. Best I could do. To straighten this all out. Oh. We’re connected. Yeah.

If Victoria gets her third eye going and all? We back? We all made it through the fire. You know Mama? Wanting us all together? And not wanting to be left out? Lol. She’s a peach. And I love peaches.

I am many characters. All of whom have made this life possible and kept me safe. Yep. What is it that Paul said? Be all things to all men. And so I did and do. And now. I’m showing you me.

Ookay? Okay. Good. It’s hard being a tornado. Just saying. Like do not know what Mama was craving? Like hot Peppers? I don’t know? Coping mechanisms galore!!!

How else would I learn how to help us all in this and not just leave Mama especially lamenting. And don’t tell me she want lamenting? Don’t. Of course she was? But? What do I do? I ask myself? I pray. Meditate. Medicate. Clear my chakras? Get reiki. I’ve got to get clean and clear to receive my prayers answer. For our highest good of course is my intention.

And I connect with God and begin to get my transmissions. Downloads. Epiphanies. Aweha moments about it. And went to typing all of it. Unedited. Figured if it was helping me I must share it? Maybe I am a channel I thought? Who am I to argue with what’s happening? It is happening? Just type what you get? Ok.

What a scary step to take and speak the things I’ve said and written. And yet as I allowed my inner child to get it off her chest persay? Much like deleting a bad app on a phone? I found new downloads came in and my mind expanded in comprehension? Which got my attention.

This tornado came to be the change I want to see more of me. Like Huey and Linda made a good idea. And I’m getting Downloads about our ship Mothers wishes. And it’s so damn simple.

It’s like. Stop hey. What’s that sounds. Everybody look what’s going down.

Do unto your brother as you wish to be done unto me. Why do men want to die I ask and be killed? Why are they so unhappy that they leave love and home to go fight? Hmm? Why? What? Talk to me men. You’ve got my attention toon all over the globe. Talk to me. I’m all ears.

What’s up. Why do angry men? What are woman doing that makes you do angry?

Or is it that you struggle to communicate with woman due to the stupid two faced language woman are taught? And for some to stuck in an old pattern of treating a woman less than a painted up dog? What say you for yourselves?

Hey. Mexico! What’s up over there? Like how can we be supportive? I mean we take you people and give them jobs. Right? And medical and food stamps. Right? Are we not a better husband than you Mexico? Get your shit together man? Don’t even bring that around me. Like own your mess. The mess we America have been cleaning up by giving and giving and educating. What about you atop being a dead beat dad? Yeah. How bout that?

You bring your drugs. Lording yourselves around? Wtf? Oh. Yeah. Mexico. Well raise your babies and turn them into the best adult they can and choose to be? But they started in the gutter man? Like clean up your act!! A wall? We should not need one surely by now! Have we not done enough for you?

What. Will you do for yourself? This is what I am doing. Sending intellectual words to maybe wake up your mental senses. Like a splash of cold water after a night of tequila? Aaa? Blondies not stupid. But greed does not suit you. You can have what we have hear. Yeah. You can. But you just haven’t mended you bandit ways now have you?

Oh Mother America and her bastard children? Mexico. I mean America’s such a slut right? Having all these babies? And then having to flee for the neighbors and drug dealers? Oh. Boo hoo. Dead beat fathers. Doing what? What you do over there? Can we help you? Teach you how to care for your own? This is silly?

Neighbors. Do not act like that and come all up in our hood and make men look like clowns to their family’s making money off candy🥠

Ain’t you got any other skills man? Any of you? Do we got any brainstormed? Maybe put the heads together? I’m rooting for ya? But man? Like? You all should surely have gotten this by now? It’s time to change. America has had your damn wets backs for years man but like be responsible and own your people and make them proud? This is disgraceful.

It’s like shitting in the den. Have some pride. Cuz shameful don’t suit you. Man you know you better than that. And that all your Mamas be down at the church praying. It’s ain’t about America man. It’s about our ideas. Learn man. We love to help. Duh?


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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