My sisters do matter Mama.

And due to the decisions made long ago, I was removed from my sisters sphere of influence. All things we bury do rose again if they are alive and kicking. My love for them all on both side has never waned or faltered. Ever.

  • It’s only their perception that’s been confronted and demolished with my truth breaking their sound barriers now. As the smoke from this explosion settles. It’s me that’s visible at long last. Their warrior of change. This reading only validates that two of my half sisters are feeling and seeing the change from the damn between us being removed.
  • Love has her way. I’ve been obedient to my own call to arms to set myself free and in turn set them all free. And it’s magic. It’s prayer in motion. It’s alchemical in nature. It’s our miracle. It’s my gift to them. As my homecoming gift to them. Filled with love. I’ve laid it to rest to so that they could see what exactly they mean to me. The strange one given away has brought home healing in the most profound way possible.
  • Now they know. And can finally see how much I’ve loved them. So much so I was willing to take hell on, walk ya all through the darkness and shining my light to show them the way back to ourselves. Just like God meant ya yo always be now. Sisters always. Xox.
  • and public as hell herself to make bo mistakes.

    just because Mama went left doesn’t mean we must keep going left my darlings. We can change the tide. And so I have. Xox

    mama took you as far as she could go. And I’ve come home to take us future and to teach you what your sister removes learned out in the world without Mama. Xo.

    We all love Mama. Including me. Most definitely.

    Lizzy Boo darling. I told Mama to stop emotional withdrawing from you. In the way she cuts you off when she doesn’t like what you say darling. I told her to stop it and that it was cruel. I love you Lizzy. I feel your heart. Stay strong. We all are rising. And remember. mama sent me away. But she can’t stop me from coming back. That’s up to the divine honey. And I could clearly see. You all needed me. 💋

    Victoria. My big sister. I love you Braveheart. I have seen your confusions. You know in your heart of hearts how deep my love goes. All for you to see who you are and who you are beyond who ya think you are to me. Tarot cards and all. Magic. I’m your Allie. Studied and shown herself approved to set you free to be yourself. Xoxo. You are amazing. 💋

    and I wrote this before seeing the whole video. K?

    oh. And btw. Our fathers would want this for us girls. We know them all. And someone needed to finally be put in their place. The one god sent her too. Xox

    Luke 8:17

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    Darkness=ignorance. Hidden due to lack of understanding. And so I have brought you on my silver platter a detailed understanding of the world you were spare.

    after the read. Sisters. This is our story to make into an inspiring movie loves. Just saying. Our heritage. We’ve got each other. We don’t need Mama in the sense of. This story is our testimony of our journey. Not just mine? Us.

    This story matters to every adoptee or foster child, abandoned child all over the planet babes. Look around. We are on the mountain top sweeties. And Mama can be proud. Yes. Proud at last. Standing hand in hand. We. Made it. And so. Her deepest prayer is answered. In public. Where she wanted us all standing.

    This is our Mamas deepest most precious prayer of all. Beyond her faults and perceived mistakes this prayer called the loudest to the Divines ear. Mama bent the hell right out of that ear and almost tipped it off for her intercessions on our behalf.

    And prayed like hell for her hell rider to come to her rescue. And I picked up the call and showed the helllllll up! And held each of your hands and that’s not easy energetically to do. But Mama prayed strength to me. And God willing and did it. Damn right I’m a Linda!

    And I’m Mamas special hell rider. To answer her call with splendor and grace I did tender. To make the devil surrender our dear Mother from a lie!! Cuz way before this hour I walked through my fire and stripped myself naked and let you watch me turn to fire before all of you.

    Gran Gran and Grandma. Fly with me and prayed me to this day!! God damn this pattern!! In all directions of time!! And as sister as taught me to say. Blessed be and so it is. Xo 💋

    • Not just me darlings.
  • We are all now free from the devil. Our flesh is a machine that’s been programmed. And this deprogrammer, reprogrammer just did it for the. We have changed this pattern. Once and for all.
  • Unity is loves best gift of all.
  • psychecafe

    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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