This explains why I have done all I’ve done for my family.

  • Whether they could understand at the time? I’ve cleared the weeds. Meaning lies and assumption away. Paved the new way. Meaning told them the truth so they could see farther than my family could see? Meaning, giving them the story line, and sharing many other adoptee stories to ground them into a wider view of reality?
  • There are many realities of changing story lines.
  • Slavery is one big one.
  • Martin Luther guided many over a Bridge, into danger, to prove a point and force the world to watch what we collectively created. I grew up watching and listing to that man beginning in my play pen. His words are part of my programming. He is an Avatar of mine. A mark to shoot for, and higher.
  • He changed reality that day with a media blitz of trauma and violence to really get the message out. Look! At yourselves as you sit like a tick on a couch just watching it happen and can’t do a damn thing! Except own it and change! He was in our face!
  • Did he apologize for forcing us all to look in the mirror? Hell no. And he shouldn’t. Just like I won’t apologize for our truths. All of them! I’ve said it before. Adoptees! Bring it. I’ll upload it. Whatever. It’s not about editing anymore. No.
  • It’s time for the truth to saturate this planet. Im just beginning. And I need everyone to send whatever they want too. Like your names on it. So it’s on you if you wanna show you ass about it? But we need a shock factor folks? We all need to wake up!
  • Adoptions just a symptom honeys? It’s systemic. Pandemic. Infectious.
  • Ignorance is not bliss!! It’s the frog in a pot mindset. Study to show yourself approved and keep studying!
  • How does darkened continue? Lack of light. What are we? Stars. Spirits living in organic mechanisms. Shine! Your light of truth. And be seen.
  • Words need to be expressed. Even cuz words. If released? We have no need to kill, Mame, steal and destroy? Words do have power if we back them up with right action. Do we truly love killing that much?
  • If we get what we give? That’s a bomb waiting to happen in the Brain first! Excuse me. Get with it. If your neighbor does not know something? Tell them. And y’all need to give what you want joy what you got. Now that ones deep.
  • If Mama whipped you and beat you? Why give that to your own child? Come on. Change it. It’s gonna heal you to see your kids got better and you were the one that did it. We all got some out of date ideas that need deleting. We all can learn better. And we all need to make that happen for everyone?
  • Ignorant people, no matter what country? Ignorant planet? Now are we just gonna stay ignorant? And I’m talking to America. Cuz I do see a lot of ignorant lazy asa people out there and in my town that need to wake up. Do your job right or go home. I don’t wanna hear your excuses. I want a solution! What do you do all day on your bosses dime if not learn how to be the best at your job? I’ve done more and got less as a server?
  • I do think county workers should have a minimum wage, plus tips. I do believe that would fix it all if they remembered the word service? Yeah. There ya go Donald. That’s a good one. You can thank me later. 💋
  • But I digress. Lol. My life. Two steps forward two steps back? Dancing through this life just learning. How to. And how not to. Right? Left. Right? Left? Which way? What did I get?
  • And my sisters deserve a sister like me that loves them soo. Shows a lot about my parents. All of them and what they had to work with? What Mama and Daddy made on the fly and the wing of my prayers. I’m ok. A little silly and wicked. But I’ll only go wicked if you need me to hold your hand in the dark and walk with ya. Explaining the way through hell and lighting the path back to your true self.
  • Sisters always being gifts to their sisters. And this is mine. I’ve loved you all my whole life. Including my fathers side. I just never knew how far this love would take me. But I don’t regret it. Love wins in the end.
  • And the joke on them. Mama. I love you anyway. Just blame it on the moon Mama. And my fool heart. I never cheated the game. I loved everyone, sending my love one by one, back to you. We are all connected. I loved everyone like they were you Mama. Xoxo💋
  • I beat the game Mama. All for love of you. God is so good Mama. Holy Spirit. Thank you for watching over Mama while I was gone. You are holy. Xox.
  • Mama needed someone to love her unconditionally. Might as well be. Me. 💋
  • Love you Mama. To the moon and back.
  • I am your super star. So bright I shine on you so you could see. The real me from thee.


    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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