It’s about changing the story guys. It’s deeply rooted in our psyche.

Telling our truths releases the old story and sheds light the lack mentality programmed within. Once released, and telling the truth releases it. So that abundance can return.

People who don’t understand the lack within the adoption matrix are trapped in a lack matrix. Just like my Mama who’s trapped in her own lack mentality and stuck.

Feeling feelings is difficult if we have worked for years keeping them at bay. Many feel that if they feel? Which we actually feel anyway, but denial of those feelings keeps us stuck to do more of that same.

I have had to tell my truth to release myself from this lack matrix that I’ve been connected to since birth through the connection of my Mamas energy grid.

Just like she points out. I have been shamed and blamed for feeling the way I have felt. Telling my truth and accepting it is the key to my freedom from the lack matrix of Adoptions natural pattern.

Our Mamas are removed which creates the lack. We are labeled differently and moved but are still connected to the original trauma of separation which perpetuates if not called out and identified, mourned and released.

No. It’s not easy. It’s like a salmon going up stream. But well worth the effort. Each person that gets free from this matrix will cause it to collapse. That’s why it’s important for Adoptees as well as anyone who have suffered abuse to speak their truth so the collective can evolve in our understanding of our part in this matrix.

As each person come clean about their feelings and does the self care of identifying and validating what has happened, is key to our evolution as humans.

Jesus said. “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. It’s time we learn about what we do and take responsibility and tell the truth.

For years I’ve perpetuates my trauma onto my own children for lack of identifying and respecting my feelings. It’s like a hole in my umbrella that allowed more of the same to pour onto them.

That’s got to stop. And it’s gonna stop with me. Like a faucet. Turned off. My umbrella gets a patch and my children feel the change when I heal and tap into the abundance matrix.

I’ve had to learn this with no human persay to guide me. Just my feelings that have felt it all. My children are empathic as well. We all are. But their leader has been loving unaware and programmed to stay that way to maintain a status quo. I’ve jumpy the track and it’s caused a ripple effect within my family that can be felt.

And which will counter the affects of lack with a flow of abundance mindset throughout our unit. It’s a deep work. Raging against a machine with truth. And it’s important that I succeed for my heritage and my children deserve abundance.

My Mama has been so plugged into the lack matrix that it’s thrown her for a loop. Which she does not like. It’s uncomfortable. But it’s needed. I have chosen to be the change agent for our unit. Like Jesus but no cross.

My mama knew not what she did to her self and her unit. My truth sets her free to disconnect from the lack matrix and to connect to the abundance matrix or mindset. Over and over and over again she’s told herself a story that was her story not mine.

When I came home she could not truly see me for who I am? She saw a delusion. She saw in me something else which is not me. So bad was the delusion? She blocked her own healing. I won’t make her change? I’ll change and remove myself from her story line and release my children from a lack matrix.

And when I began blogging my truth was when the cut was made from the lack matrix and my family felt it. When one person changes the grid sequence and steps out of sync? That matrix begins to die.

The adoption matrix needed me to stay within this lack matrix for it to continue and I’ve cut that off. And I’ve educated my Mama which has cut her off from being about to stay the same as usual. It’s a forced reboot. It’s a forced disconnection. And she feels it deeply as the root of this issue is cut off and starved of my energy.

It’s deep guys. Way deeper than we realized. My work affects us all. As adoptees tell their truth they disconnect from This matrix and in turn starve it from Growing. Which means it’s dying for lack of our input.

I hope this helps. We need to see our affect is real. Xox.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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