The truth now.


What’s left?

Let’s see.


All of that storm. Mama threw a piece of herself away. And she grew up and fly back. Slapped her face. Threw water on her. Lit the fire. Boiled the coffee. Fried the wires the needed it. Swept her off her feet. Threw her to her knees. Lifted her up. Hugged her a lot. Kisses her all the time. Stood strong until she woke. Yelled. Banged the pans. Stomped around. Shook the ground. Blares the music. Stopped by unannounced.


Surprising Mama.

But now. She knows. Without a shadow of a doubt. How far I went. How high I climbed to get myself here to write it all out. My crumpled life around my Mama that wasn’t around.

Love. Who knows what it is.


I do. It a fire God gives you. For one woman. And if your smart and pay attention, you can learn to start a new one with that flame so that both woman can feel the warmth.


Fierceness. Protection. Brave. Bold. Unapologetically.

See? Loves just not for mushy sweet sappy times.

Love. Is willing to be dirty so someone else can be clean. And love is clean when they say you are dirty.

My ultimate truth is love.

One I was build from.

One I built from what I was given.

To make more love.

Mama Jean loves me true.

So she. Has loved this piece of you.

Not bad Mamas. You may not have known. But I used all you two gave me and mixed it in with everything else. And made it. To be able to speak about how it felt inside this body to be me under all that paint. Labels.

I think my parents look amazing together in me. I’ll bless them myself!! Bless you two precious wild people for making me!


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