What juvenile is is like this sisters. Make no mistake we’ve just had a visit. And we’ve been called to change. Dont hate the messenger. Listen to the messages from a woman who’s loves you always. That is what I have burned to hell.

Immaturity is where we all have been. Removing me from the unit? Stunted is all. Now. Now. We will live. Really love. And really see beyond an old story, create a new story of redemption and restoration.

If you have read about trauma. You realize that unless a trauma is processed, it keep the person at the age of the trauma. Think about it girls. Mamas been trapped with a trauma she suffered at 25. She been unable to speak of it or express it to anyone who would even get what’s she’s gone through for me? Trauma that had to be removed by the one who was part of that trauma.

I grew out of that trauma. Worked hard to learn. To bring it home to Mama. To set her free. Not to chain her? For she was already chained to the idea that she had made a mistake? I am no mistake. Just like you’re not. I could not leave Mama like that.

Allow the past up. And help Mama let it go. Reframe lady’s. Reroute lady’s. Return of her gift labels mistake lady’s. Sister. Friend. Protector of the realm of our Mamas mind. Xo

I love you so much. Xoxox. So much.


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