Tarot has gotten a bad wrap tap tap.

And Christians are at the top of the persecution Chain baby. And. As a bonafide Christian myself. Trained up by holy woman leading to read the scriptures. Tried and true. Loves her Mamas. Eats and bakes apple pie. Prayer warrior for many who don’t even darken a church step. Cuz of doctrines long since gone, old and stale.

And I’ve been studying what the church told me was evil. Evil is in the church. Fact. For if the church deems evil then evil is what they see. Evil comes from within. The mind. The idea that got started. The misinterpretation. Or worse. The gossip doctrines have become.

The community of tarot. Is a community of love and fear. Just like the church. A natural law church if you will. Practice of connecting with divine energy. It is the church’s responsibility to know what everyone’s saying and not to be exclusive. Fact. God is no respect or of person.

Tarot is a game. A very precise game of communicating with the divine. Just like prayer but with cards so God can talk back. The intentions of the reader and the prayer are key always. Many who pray do not pray divine will hit their own. My Mama has accused me of twisting the word to suit me. Sad. The word suits us all in our hour of need. God speaks to us each our own messages. A preacher or a believer has no right to tell someone they are wrong. They do have the right to ask why and to learn.

Fear. Is not of God. And for years I feared so many things that the church said was demonic. Like Halloween. And tarot. The metaphysical. And to speak up like this and to be a Christian is to stand up. The church has had this idea for years and preaches such things as to keep folks bound to ignorance.

Knowledge is power. Study to show thyself approved.

Is it right. To pass on yesterday’s fearful ideas onto the future?

Is not god all? The tarot is studied by sciences. And science. Is just god. You can bark at me with what someone else told you. You can swallow yesterday’s conclusions and stay (safe) and get to heaven. But heaven if for us all. Two murderers hung on crosses beside Jesus. What was the message? What? Forgiveness is ours.

Patterns can be changed. Tarot is a fabulous way to get guidance from this planet? That is alive? Like it is just silly folks don’t see how simple it is? How God can guide you. Speak to you through cards and through anything if you look? God’s everywhere. In the wind. In the rain. And in your family. Working the will. We can do our will? But we’ve seen how well that works? It’s time to go higher.

The tarot community is a loving community of counselors. Many with college educations. Many just gifted. Coaching. That’s tarot. A fun and effective way to manifest your best life. Yes.

Tarot. A language. That this universe uses to speak back to us to show us where we are and how to navigate. Why? Would god leave us blind?

Must god keep burning bushes to get our attention? When will we wake up? Stop this pattern of ignorance? When will we see the Bible is a book of love and should be interpreted through a lens of love? Meaning for the highest good. Ignorance is the enemy and the evil.

And I for one would like the church to stop bad mouthing their brothers who believe differently. Who worship differently. Tolerance is about learning someone else way and knowing that we all have a way.

That god makes the way. And the beast and brains don’t get to condemn folks. I know. I’m being radical. I’m thinking freely. Most folks just want to punish. Like look at our prisons? What’s that done to help? We just collect people that we can’t help? To dumb and ignorant. We need to face it.

Salem witch hunts. Holocaust. Nam. Blacks. White. Hello green? Who cares man. I was born in the sixties. Free love. Right? But my love ain’t free baby. My Mamas paid double for this shit. Adoptions just one bone in my contentions. And it’s time I just throw it out here. And get this pot stirred up. And cooking.

There’s Egos run high. As two side collide. The brains made of two with on sweet spot in the middle. Let’s. Get. It. Together. And come together in our minds? Why. Are we carrying yesterday’s books and mixing them with today I ask you? Old wine. Old skins. New wine. New skins. It’s clear God wants us to move forward with a blessing. But we curse each day when yesterday gets dragged into today. Yesterday. Meaning unprocessed learning. Grudges. Anger. All point to a solution that can’t be found due to holding it in.

Our truths. Are our truth. My sister truth is not mine. We share truths. But she has her own combo. That is her own. And I mine. Yet we connect. Fighting is communication that is trying to be heard and processed. Each person must speak to process and learn. Tarot. Get the conversation started. It’s paints a picture we can look at.

I am disappointed. Because I followed the rules just like every person follows their religions dictates. And then I prayed and god called me to study more beyond the church mandates. And showed me I was cover in grace and safe. The only pain I’ve experienced is having to endure my family shock and shunning at my choice of a purpose.

I’ve been treated like a gay person coming out. It’s sad. For them. Seeing that has upset me to no end. But tarot. Isn’t evil. Just like monopoly isn’t evil. How do we learn best? To play and have fun.

The shame is on the church for holding folks back from a very scientific way to garner feedback in this loop we live in. People need to be set free from the shackles of old doctrines from days gone by when killing folks was Christian. The song even tells the story about the soldiers? What’s the war?

Love is the only thing that is real. Yesterday’s lens can be removed like those scales spoken of and the logs in the eye that keep us from seeing love. If we don’t see love even in hate? For hate is the opposite of love and is still love in negative form.

Hate come from lack mentality. And mentality can be changed. If we see the illusions we create. Beyond the stories told is love trying to be seen. But hate getting in the way. A polar opposite to love and we talk about bipolar in people? Bipolar is just the condition of a mind that’s still working on balancing. A mind that swings this way and that trying to get sure footing as the eye focus for love. We all are bipolar at some moment in life. That’s not the point. The pint is, are we working for balance or to try to stay on one side or the other cuz that just doesn’t work and is not the point.

The middle of the brain is where both sides meet to understand. That’s where we work to stay. Equator. Equilibrium. These are the words to pint our way. Yes. Sometimes we need to be on one side and then the other. There is no learning without contrast. That’s part of our experience here as spirits living in organic machines made of dirt brought to life with spirit.

Magic is this organism called planet earth. Self healing. Like our bodies. But. Do we believe? Can we believe? That. Is the quest.

Please. Pray and ask God and not your pastor about tarot. God is big enough and strong enough and loving enough to answer. Why? Would this planet that we are a part of let us down? We let ourselves down by being so stubbornly ignorant of all that is here.

It’s time to put down the pitch forks. Forgiveness is for all. And the price you want someone else to pay will be the price you pay.

My Mamas paid enough. That’s why I am home. And tarot helped me. And my Mama should be happy I found my way at all.

Thanks for diving deep with me today.

God bless.


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