WiFi. Thought of my big sissy. Lol.


I find this interesting.

It’s very interesting that all three woman in our triad have teeth issues. Louise Hay is a genius to see the patterns.

I’ve struggled with breaking down the idea of Adoption. I’ve struggled to understand and assimilate my own identity for lack of my mirror. I now claim my truth and ground into my experiences and rise above.


No Lectures. Got it.

I love you enough to come clean and take my cloak off darling. I’ve got scars. Yes. And I scared you. I can see.

I apologize for being a hot mess baby.

whether we are together or apart. I love you always and deeply. So deep. I’ve taken off my cloak. For you sweetie.

Never doubt my love is real. Just doubt any thought that could say I don’t. Please. I know you love me too. I believe in you. Xox

Note to Adoptees-

Adoptees have two lives. It’s now about merging the two into the one I now am from my experiences. Do the work. It’s worth it.

Our children deserve that much. What legacy would I have to stay silent and wounded? I’ve been strong so long. It’s time to show our children our vulnerability so they can stand strong too in our truth beyond the labels.

I’m so grateful.

To have my praying grannies. I remember meeting my Grandma Roush, my Mamas Mama. First things she told me was about her prayers for me. And how she knew I was coming home. Because she said she prayed me back in.

I might have been removed from my family physically. But was not removed from grandmas heart. Xoxo

To my grannies who I know are my Guardian angels. 💋