We all are worthy of life.

This man speaks about Down syndrome. And he’s right. His life matters. Adoptees are removed all day from their families. A notation that removing them has been bought and sold for years. And as one of the people who was sent to the solution, who lived this solution, I’d like to say it’s no solution at all. It’s a detour from what really mattered. I’ve had to travel a long way to my solution. Which is back home to my own Mama.

She’s who I was sent to first. And I’m not alone. There are many of us who are traveling the detour called adoption, sniffing our way home. Because, there is no way back that is marked with signs leading us back to who we were sent to first. It’s a sacred walk. Much like the trail of tears walked by the indigenous here on American soil. Natural natives forced to move locations due to who? Invaders. Us. Me. My ancestors forced them to move. Why? Greed and an entitlement complex that came over on our boats with us.

The British are lousy neighbors. The British came here first. And I’m part British. And I paid with my life for what my family has done. I paid for my families ownership of one slave. With my life placed into adoptive slavery. I was taught the lesson my family didn’t learn with my own life. Oh. And I’ve learned. A lot.

I talk about me here. But that’s not all. My story is so similar to many of my now Adoptee family members. Just like Down syndrome. We didn’t make the cut. We got cut out of our family tree. Deemed unfit for keeping. Sent to Adoption camp for reform and reframe? And oh yeah. We got reframed and reformed. And now. It’s your turn to learn what we have been sent to learn.

Exclusivity is elitist bullshit. Now we want to wall ourselves in? Who are we America? Who are we becoming? Who are we really leading? What is so great about us? When there’s so much dirt under our rugs. Swept there by ancestors who didn’t have a clue what they were doing? When will we see? Patterns need changing. Separation leads to separation. Unity is the only turn at this cross road.

Capitalism is the disease we came over on the boat with? So angry at a queen? When she’s just as programmed as we were and still are by now? Our own government? We the people allow our government to keep doing what they do like some bastard child and I’m called a bastard child? Discipline is needed. Not a rode. No. But educational discipline?

When we gonna put it all together? Our mindset is so fragmented folks can see the big picture? Big picture people are needed. When we add up all we do here. Additions and subtractions? What’s the finally result? Look! At it all. I am. This Mans life would be cut off if we legislate for termination in the womb? Me too? Legislation has torn my family apart. The legal system has renamed me. Rearranged me. Changed me. Shamed me into silence due to my birth story? My conception deemed unfit? My family unfit to keep me? My father unfit to know me? My life torn apart like a paper doll game?

And I’m difficult? I’m a mess. I need help? Oh please. Spare me. Please. You made me difficult by taking my Mama from me bitch! Don’t even. Tell me. You’re stand by and let that be ok? No. No one would let that shit go! That is my Mama!! My Mama!! Not yours, to tell she don’t need to show up. And that I’ll be ok? I was not ok. No. I won’t be ok till I’m home!! All the way!!

You all be tripping on some really good shit if you think Linda Marie’s daughters gonna lay down and take this kind of shit show! Hell no! I’m just getting warmed up. People are ignorant as hell! And we need to educate ourselves. Countries around us are way more ahead than we. Why? Cuz they watching ya fucking it all up and they learn how not to do it bitch? America is a joke. Yeah. We a joke.

Where are the adoption reunion specialist bitch?

Where are the counselors to help us? Hmmm?

Adoptions such a dumb as idea they don’t even plan for what is happening without their dumb ass plans and all?

Reunion bitch!!

It’s coming to your home theatre soon! So Mamas? Best getting ready Adoption May have fucked your ass. But I’m gonna cover that fucked ass! Cuz I know who I came from? A warrior. A woman fucked by the system and the doctrines of the church! Shame on all of you!! She trusted!!! Fuck you! She trusted! And you all lead her astray! Damn it. I hate cleaning up messes I did not make. But someone’s got to give a shit about the next one on the Adoption chopping block?

This isn’t about hating the adoptive parents. You. Adoption. Forced me to take a side!! You bitch! I side with my Mamas. They were lead astray. Fuck off so I can lead them back to center? I won’t leave either of them alone now! You made me mad!! I’m right for all three of us!!

We all need to stop. Take a long pause. And go higher in our thinking. Our planning? There are many better ways to deal with life? Thank God this mans Mama didn’t listen? My Mama fell prey and now she prays. Thanks.

And my own Mama now blocks herself from me. Due to Adoption and the mindless plan that’s so so dead end? We take one story of a man sent down the river to save his life and we think it’s God’s plan? No. The man in Power made his life in danger? Hello? It was the only way back in bible times? Are we still in old bible times?? No. We are not. So a reframe is needed and I mean now. And the church is the one who need to be preaching the new way! The real way. Babies are gifts. Some people haven’t learned how to appreciate a gift? And it’s time we learn. And grow up.

I’m growing up? What’s your issue? Truth is truth. We may not like it. But truth can change when we change ourselves.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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