The list of unethical adoption practices.

Not sure if Mama realizes this? Well? Here to education folks. Not favorites in this class even if she’s the teachers pet! Xo. I love you Mama.

You’re learning. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for me to have to be the one to teach you. But it’s not your fault altogether. People gets scammed all the time Mama. Did you follow your spirit? Or were you scared? You don’t act like spirit lead you or you would have set me straight already? Fear gets the best of us all Mama. Even the Quirky Aquarian. But she’s seen and taken the turn around. And now works to educate folks?

You’re strong Mama. And you know a lot about how it’s felt. And excuse me for saying you have not been acting like it’s fun being you these days? This is what you get when you do me like your doing? Chelsie should have warned you? I lecture something fierce!! Ignorance I’ve been. Educated I am. All day. All night. Learning. We Linda’s don’t give up.

No one else is Linda II like me? Lol. Oh the lord has a sense of humor huh Mama? Oh my goodness. On us all.

I know this one thing. God’s calling your number and I’m the phone. Where’s your faith woman? Where is it? Did you loose it? Here. I’ll

Share mine with you? Don’t be sitting over there reading all day and now acting like you forgot it all? It’s says to know to do good and to do it Not is a sin? Does it not? Bio Mamas? This Mama here feels she missed the mark. She’s being brave and honest to help Change things? That’s worthy of praise?

It’s about all Adoptees. It’s about human rights of the children. It’s about perfect placement and support for placement. Education. Sex education. Change about objectifying anyone. Teaching everyone to be responsible and to be respectful. Disrespecting the mother child unit is the highest blasphemy. Disrespecting anyone is blasphemy.

But what is respect? Common decency. Compassion. To hear and see someone is respect. To realize at any one moment we all are doing our best? And that we all can clearly see we have many holes and need to do better. Many suffer for lack of knowledge. And I ask why? Should or could or would anyone need to suffer today?

All this technology and we would rather spend billions on billions to just rip shit apart and frack! This world has gone mad. From Adoption which is human trafficking by the way. Slavery. Of all kinds? What is the point? Anyone for that matter? We complain. True. Where is the solution if not from all of us?

We say it,” United we stand, divided we fall”. And our president now begins the quarantine measure of a nation gone mad? Folks. We be divided. Which means we fell. And the whole worlds watching us wallow in our own fesses and vomit? The crash and tower moment has happened? Our high horse is dead.

As we silently lead our leader to pick us in to die. Neighbors no more. Enemies of ourselves. Lost. Wandering. Who is leading this nation under God? Who’s listening to God? We can end this world in our minds. Surely we can see it now? And begin again. A new. We can wipe the slates and start over better? There are enough people to do this?

Rising is what we do. But we don’t have to kill anything except the stupidity and ignorance many of us still have not educated out? Good breading is a chose? And breading includes education. Fear is only helpful in pointing out a past pattern that’s needing to be changed. Why should we hold onto fearful patterning or training?

That’s what I am illustrating here? I’ve done the work. Fear would have kept me from my own Mama if I had not learned how to forgive and learn compassion? It does. It mean I don’t have feelings? I have deep feelings. Strong feelings about my experiences. Feelings worth sharing to help others have better. And I’m not one of those nice girls. I’m a real woman who tells the truth even if it hurts? Hell. It hurt me?

Listen. Walmart throws away food each day that no one can eat? That’s crazy? Madness? What are we doing about that? People are homeless. Why? Figure it out? How hard is this? Red tape gets in the way of good morals around here these days? The town I live in has no beneficence fund to help travelers get out of the cold? Am I to man all of these things or should we all contribute? I don’t like people paying on the streets why does everyone else seem to be ok with it?

I’ve taken strangers in? Not one of them hurt me or my family?? And all of them were respectful. I had hoped my Mama would be proud of my work? I have done this my whole life? I felt this call a long time ago? And the call home was definitely on my list of to does. Like Mama. I tried to run too. But. God has a way of changing your mind. And your families. God’s good like that. I’d be shot in the water without God for sure.

These last few years I’ve missed Mama a lot. She’s hard to pin down? Go go go. You’re not alone Mama. There’s people who get you. I’m not the enemy Mama.

I love you bio Mamas. I do. I want you strong. And I want to hit all the weak points to make them strong. You are our alleys always. Be strong. As the storm rages. Adoptee is just a label. We know who we came from. We just can’t find ya right now. I’ve found mine and work daily to right this. Your feelings matter. Your discomfort matters. Your wisdom matters now that you’ve lived it. We need you.

Once a Mother always a mother. Our shared blood is our oath.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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