Secrets and DNA Testing

  • Mama? We’ve had time.
  • But there are many. Soon. Who will not have what we’ve had and will be faced with the very issues you and I are overcoming now.
  • We are a light of hope.
  • Might seem like a candle right now? But a light none the same.
  • And this woman’s account shows. The numbers grow.
  • And people need to see people beyond the point of contact.
  • You and I are those people.
  • Working along
  • Reconnecting
  • Grieving losses and processing our should of would of could ofs.
  • And we. Represent healing Mama.
  • Yes. Mess. Torn up. Confusing. Changing. Healing.
  • Mama. Your a helper from way back. And now. Right now in time. Here with me. You are in a position to really being healing in to your fellow Bio Mamas. You and me? One of a kind.

    And you are like all Mamas. And want the best. You just could see the better that God showed me maybe? And the better for the Mamas who also need to process our their residual grief with their child no long dead. See? It’s big Mama. So big. And God needs us to show up and join hands and begin the domino affect in our lives. So folks can see us heal and know the way is true? Narrow. And can be tracked safely. To unity and healing of so many who’ve lost from this modality that said we wouldn’t miss a thing now didn’t they?

    What can can be felt without a loss to being the contrast? What light can shine its brightest if not in darkness? We are the lights in this darkness and confusion. I feel as you too. It’s a mess? But someone’s got to clean it up. And I’m no slacker. I will be remembered for standing up for myself and my Mamas. To speak up about changes needed. That I cared enough to shout stop the train!

    No one listened on the titanic. So I know what I am standing up against. Patterns. Ideas. Beliefs. And the people caught up in an old lie no ones called out for to long. Little ole me. Just like David throwing my rock at the mind of the beasts that still think Adoption is the way?

    You know. In the Bible. The king who was killing all the Hebrew man children? Had been dealt with? Moses would not have been needed. But we still struggle standing up to the governments we create to govern us when they get off course and a bit delusional now don’t we all?

    Those we place in power must be regulated by us. We the people must speak up and deliver the feedback, good and bad. I always clean up bad first and then go to good so we can not look back again. I’m meticulous. Anal. Because I learned. It’s all in the details baby. And it’s all in the blending. A recipe this complex takes time.

    There have been a lot of off points about this adoption story. For no fault of anyone. The fault only comes when we don’t do something different about it? Different acts are like different ingredients. Throw some spice? Gets something Spicy. Throw some salty truth? Preserve the nutrients within the meat of the story? Or the veggies? Or the body. Salt is good. And truth does see us free. To begin again from a new set point.

    From a new vantage point, we begin again. We’ve just finished our general Ed. Updated material. Fresh and wide open views of each other past the masks we wore that did not show who we really are? My sister plays a queen in SCA. Has she acted like a queen with me? I don’t know? But she does?

    We’ve all acted like we are not family a long time. So what. Are we sick or ill and unable to change our roles towards one another? Are we dumb? Can we all not learn new lines? Adoption needs some new lines for sure. And it’s Adoptees and parents that need to change how Adoption functions.

    This here? Ridiculous. And shows. Adoptions not as savvy as Adoption says it is? My truth counts. My truth is the new law. And my brothers and sister speaking out? Law. The Adoptees that liked it have already been counted thank you. But proper feedback is proper feedback everyone. All side must be weighted. Adoptions time is long over due for a proper reviewing.

    And Adoption should be at the head of this line and should have already had that line formed? And as one of the inducted queens of this realm? I demand it so.

    I am 56 years vested in service to Adoption. I’ve earned my right to speak whatever I speak. And to command respect for my words of truth. There are many older than me. This is true. I’m

    Not saying they haven’t earned it too. They have. Each one of us has earned it. We paid the highest price. Mothers make shit happen. Why are we allowing woman to be in a potion to have to keep making such a horrible and traumatic decision? Support is not hard?

    We support many countries? By taking their children instead of helping their economy? We really need a reframe of our actions and the consciences of said actions. It’s time for America to grow up. We are the youngest country? Adoption is not about saving Moses anymore. It’s about money. It’s about power. It’s about micromanagement of God’s design and failure if we to see what the hell we do?

    if everyone would stop for a day. And think about life without their Mama? Like really go there. No calls. No text. No nothing. Silence and nothing but your memories of a woman no one talks about? How is that helpful I ask?

    My Mama has been fearing this shoe dropping as sure as I live and breath!! I’m saying what she could not for sure. She may have a few things to set? But she’s confirmed on on point. She can’t help herself? Mamas always tell on themselves to their kids. Always. And kids. Help. Even when Mamas don’t understand or get it quite yet?

    Secrets are always brought to the light. For transmutation. Which basically means to transform them into lesson. To have a closer look? How can my Mama step up to this table she’s set up without all that she needs to know to succeed I ask anyone reading here? She can’t. And my Mama wants to help make it better. Yes. She does. But how?

    Everyone changes. Especially their mind. And woman have the right to change their minds. We all know that? And when you find a great sale or a good item at the store you tell folks

    Just like I am telling Mama. Except this is way more shocking then Cannes goods and panties? No. This affects her life in a very profound way. To be faced with such fierce love is overwhelming. Mama Jean struggles handling how hard I hold on? Separation shook me to the core. And the core? Was Mama. And it made me fearful to loose my new Mama which just was a tailspin. My kids back it up?

    It’s wasn’t easy being a Mama? I had to work hard? Against my own flesh still reeling from a separation I denied my own children? Inflicting myself on them as their ignorant Mama? Torn up inside and trying to act together? Just like my own Mama has been doing. Quite well I might add? Made me wonder if she missed me at all for a minute? She’s tough.

    But it’s time to put out toughness into a better action. Unity. Unity. Unity. And Mama really can’t argue that point? She’s studied the Bible to long to say she has no idea about unity. We all are steeped in Christian beliefs and need to practice them. No. Preferably.

    I always tell myself at times like these when it’s dark as hell? That as low as you can bow and crouch is as high as God’s gonna fling you to a blessing. And I’m low. Humble. Humble also means grounded. Grounded means in the moment. And right here. Right now and always. I am forever commutes to my Mamas highest good. Both of them. They chose me. And I will not let them down as we transcend our struggles to find our blessing beyond the trials.

    And my Mama way over analyzes things. And needs much clarification and scripture backing to weave through all the lies to get through. Which ain’t easy folks. But god prepared me. And I do know my Mamas a tough coffee. But just throw the gal in some milk? Curl up on the couch with a cookbook and she’s golden.


    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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