Sisters. Pay attention.

As the chosen one of our clan. I’ve come home to bless you and to free you. Pay close attention to these messages which confirm what I’ve been doing. Messages from God to show you that God is alive. And God hears your most inner prayers and will send the answer.

Pay attention. Is not our Mamas birthday on a 25? Does not our Mama pray for us? Pray for god’s will to be done? Above her own fears? Yes. She does and so she has called this blessing into being and I answered the call, and was born for this day. Liz. You know you needed me to set you free baby. And I got your back. And your front sister. The blood in my veins is thick for you!! My love for you is real. Your reunion is better for this 💋

What me and Mama are working out helps you sissy. 💋 and it’s helping others. Our testimony of god’s healing power. Our ancestors have prayed this moment in. Listen. Marcia? Is tuned into the ancestors guys? She’s deeply spiritual but very discreet. Lovely energy worker.

This place is supernatural. And God knows what you need. My sister will not left ignorant!! She’s my sister!! And she was lied too! Because my Mama was lied too!! But God is using this situation for the good!! God will restore what was taken. Not with what was lost? But with what is to be. I love you Lizzy girl. 💋💯

  • Phylis. All of the fathers from beyond tell me to tell you. And your Dads at the head of the line. You are loved and wanted. Blessed among men and woman. Beautiful beyond skin. Gifted beyond recognitions. Amazing. There is a little girl in there. Freckles and curls. Bouncy and wild. To her we all say. “You are a star”. Unique. A Jewel in the crown of our Manly crowns of achievement. Take heart. The spirit never dies. We are always at your beckon call. All of you.
  • God is real. Why? Whorls God keep the energies of our memories from us? And the spirits set from from the physical? It’s is madness to believe so? Scientifically unsound to deny energies keep living?
  • Sisters. I love you guys. Secrets always come out. So. I’m dramatic? Wells know where I got that one? Love girls!! Storms over!! Everyone can go home. Including us. No stones thrown? And everyone’s? Released on their own recognizance. What were we all thinking I ask?
  • Who cares I reply? We surely can think better than that?!!!
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    Wow. These messages definitely resinate with me.

    Rabbit. Standing up for the tribe. Against human evil. Wow. Not people. Ignorance.

    we are all ignorant in some way.

    Can? We see?? As a tribe? Of humanity? And accept that I took the hit for my tribe. I’ve paid the karmic debt whatever it was. Above and beyond what our clan owed for unlearned lessons. I’ve learned them and have satisfied the karmic records. And so have the authority to wipe the slate clean. It is finished.

    Adoption didn’t kill me per say. But I’m way different.

    I see them. Those two people who made me. United with my flesh. All the gifts created from their union living within me. For anyone to see that gives a shit. Anyone that wants to be seen. Like me.

    Living in some weird protective services is a pretty 007 kind of life for a girl like me. I was a hot commodity baby. Still am. Thanks to this family Genes. Thanks Mama and Daddy. You may not have made it together anywhere else? But inside of me. Safe and sound. Working great I’d say. Xoxo.

    I’m your tinker bell. Pixie.

    Evidently an Angel from under the covers? Lol.

    Like no other. Xo

    Be like a tree.

    Cutting me off from my roots. Meant I had to grow roots of my own. No Pre-root growth. No rooting compound. Just slapped into strange soil and expected to grow with little to no watering.


    And yet I grew. From that. While people told me different and challenged my own knowing of how it was feeling to be me experiencing such a shock to my whole system.

    Psalms says. Be like a tree.

    Good advice.







    Be. Like. A. Tree. (BLAT)

    It’s crazy when you open up.

    When you open up it’s like a chain reaction of truths and awakenings to new truth. Ah ha! Moments happen as you just tell it like it is without the edits. Editing is messy. Film everywhere. Snipe of this that belonged with that? Oh but that took to much away from this? Who are we?

    A bunch of half story tellerS if we do like that?

    Oh. Excuse me. Let me

    Hide my trauma to ease yours. Yeah. That works.

    What works is huge and validation and going there with someone. Even if it’s crazy. Maintain boundaries of conduct. Hit the pillow to get it out. Tell. Yell. Feel it. It trying to tell you something. Like me?

    I was held in a position that has not lined up with my energy to learn. I don’t have to hold onto that energy. Just bless the energy and people who shared so I could learn.

    I’m energy. Your energy. My Amal’s moves my dengue to protect my energy. Why do such a thing? What value did I have to Mama and to God for that matter that I must grow up hidden from view? Who is this body I live in?

    Why so much fuss? Kill me? Try again? What was the big deal? Lawyers. Papers. Sealed to protect me? From whom?

    Not my Mama I tell ya that? It’s as though a spell has been cast upon my family that denies them the ability to tell me why? Who I am to them. And why I am revived so hostily? Or received as hostile?

    Guys. I can’t help what Mama Jean fed me. Over and over she said. Many of the thing I’ve said. Hard truths. Her hard truth is sad. Sad to live with and sad to help alleviate. She must want too and she does not.

    Everything I’ve shared was her truth not mine about me? What I have shared about what she says is her truth. She said it? And owned it. She does not like Linda. But she raised me? And she can’t see herself in me? But she see me in my kids. Mama? Your the same? So? I see the win there girls. Lol.

    I did better without you than with you. I see it. Yes. Do you? Can you still want to be a part of my life anyway since I love your ass? Mama Jean says no. What do you say? Auction this girl off here? I’m free Mama. I’m playing with ya.

    Loosen up a bit. It’s ok. Do you think you can slot me in for some time? Coffee? Shopping? A walk? A call. Maybe letters? I rather just come see you though. I need a good hug from you for real.

    Yes. We went back for a minute to cut some ties. And tie up the loose ends. Yes. I am that thorough. Mama Jean does not care what I say she told me. And people need to see the truth.

    I am brave.