This merger

This merger already happened in 1963. As I was formed within our Mama, what was merged and joined together with her own flesh happened. I was born. And moved. But never removed from her being. She’s the being i came from. The blessed oven God baked me up within. And that my own sister give me shit about wanting some attentions from my own Mama is beyond my comprehension?

This finally appeal was for politeness. And manors. To allow my sisters to show up ahead of time and not after the fact. Cuz this is going down. Mama wants it. And Mamas getting what she wants. End of discussions. You can either get in or stand on the shore lady’s. As we float by celebrating our success. While you all watch. Is that how you all want it?

Cuz Linda Marie’s daughter does not back down. Nor give up. Let alone on her own Mama. The way I see it. No man could put asunder what god joined together inside my Mama. Everyone else can just give up on the best thing I ever came from. But I won’t. Can’t.

And why would I even want too? Why would anyone think I should? Why would sisters ignore me? Why why why? Indeed. Where are the answers? But inside my sisters heads. Old programs out of date. Relics of old mindsets set in sinking sand. We all need to lay down our arms. And pick them up and wave. At each other! Like I made it home!!!

And we should be celebrating our Mamas strength. And tend any wounds. Like am I the only one? I am a mile or so away and I can feel it. Clean your glasses girls. Mama needs this win as much as we need this win. We can’t hide anymore. I’ll not let us go back to that old way. Not since God showed me what’s ahead is way better.

With all ending are great new beginnings. This is our wrap up. And I want it clear before I even come to call. If you want to talk come and let’s talk and work it out like scripture says. No more of this blocking and hiding from the truth. We are strong enough. Is me standing on a worldwide web not evidence enough of our strength?

I have come three times to Mama door to be greeted with weirdness and unwillingness to communicate about this in a productive way. Chelsie knows well how I feel about that. That’s why she was so upset. She knew what was coming for all of you from me. I can take it so long. And she did not want me to break all of you. She didn’t realize you all were already broken and that I came to fix this.

How? Our Mama has four daughters. Fact. Written in my blood. And I am good and tired of this bullshit show of a family acting like we are strangers. We may be strange. But we are not strangers. If Mama can take Nick in? Well then what’s the problem lady’s? Make it happen sisters. Have I ever really asked you all for a thing? No. I’ve not. Nothing but cards and letters and maybe some love and attention.

It goes both ways. And none of you can say I’ve not sent cards letters and presents? What happened? Let’s fix that. How long? I have nephews and nieces who I would like to meet. What do all of you look like to them? My nieces and nephew? Blocking me what is that saying? What kind of example is that to teach?

And no I don’t mess around when I’m done. I take to the air. Chelsie should have warned you all. Can’t hide nothing from me. And I hate it. When folks try to hide shit and block. In time there efforts fail. But it’s so sad to see grown folks not get what I taught my kids young? Can’t hide from Mama. Why? Because I know my job is to watch over her. If I don’t get a message it’s cuz it’s blocked and not for me to fix.

There’s many things this won’t fix. We have to fix this. Mama was lied to. And now we need to help her get back on track. With all her girls and not just three. It’s called integration. And why would we even want Mama not to have that? Or help her see the benefits? Like people got some wild ideas about reunions these days?

And this separation syndromes got to stop. And it’s stopping right now. With me. No more separation. No more blocking. No more nonsenses. We all need to get about our unity plan. It’s ok Mama. The girls will get it. I’m praying too. I love you Mama. It’s all gonna be alright.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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