Mama. I know it sucks.

This. Whatever all this is between us. Some pattern that repels us. Like a force field in the mind. The pattern is changing. Sounds all mystical. It’s just prayers and intentions at work and I’m just rolling with what’s coming to me and hanging out on a lim watching God work.

Mamas upset today. I feel it. Melancholy and Anger. It’s a pattern she hates. But she’s all just upset. I’m showing her the reasons we have for her to feel many different feelings. Negative and positive do cohabitate in a battery. So it’s simple energy?

Without negative we see no positive. Now hers where it gets tricky. I have shown the negatives, my eyes know the positives. I saw the impressions with my own eyes and recorded them with a mechanical image recording devise to admire more than once.

But eye sight is key. The occipital lobe is the place in the brain where images are interpreted. So images are hooked to language. The occipital lobe needs stimulus. I’m feeling that? Mama needs to smoke some cigarettes. May sound crazy? I’ll post below the findings from 40 years if danish research that concluded cigarettes do not cause cancer. So do the math. The industries been playing us.

So like educate yourselves. It’s the new black.

Collagen peptide. Good Amino acid source. Tasteless. So it will just blow your mind how many things you can make into a protein with this power?

Mama should be taking CBD oil. It calms the nervous system. She could use some MM for her anxiety. It’s all safe. I’ve tested it with my own body and so has Angela.

We can nourish our way through this Mama. If you’ll let me? Don’t take any cycotropic drugs. Medical marijuana is safe. Like I went there for you. Cuz if the girls. I’ve used to to see the results. And it does help with many things. Especially anger and melancholy.

Which spending a little time with me now and again would help with that too? Before I began learning more about some really old nutrition? I hadn’t put it all together. God and science and everything, just seemed to connect in me.

And I do feel that what I have to bring to my Mamas table is medicine. For us both and others on our path to healing our minds after the fuck. Adoption did a number on us all.

And the card gave helps with processing mental information trapped by unprocessed trauma. It helps change the pattern. It’s back by science. And by the way as I’ve said before. God is all and all is god.

And I’m here for my Mama. And now she knows are far I go. All the damn way. It’s a gentle warm hand to hold. Just like you’ve dreamed of. And walks in the wind together. In nature. Together. And me telling you all the tales of the messages I received from her in the wind. Xoxo.

And tell her the story of how I paid for what was mine with my life. To have her back. And to pay my way to God. To serve God so that I could have her back. And to learn about what to do when I have her back. What she would need of me. I always just felt drawn back. That’s what’s in me. Do or die. Like home. Mama. Apple pie. All that.

And it’s pretty intense of a feeling I have. Pushing this envelope. And drafting for this win.

Like I lost my best friend?

Why can’t folks even see that man? Am I a puppet for anyone’s taking or like can I have some time with my Mama? Is that to much to ask of this world? Of my family?

Oh the flesh. Lord crucify our flesh. Lord. Thank you for the patience’s. Cuz I sure wanted to bitch slap some people. Thank you for teaching me not to do that unless they bitch slap first. Then give um what they asked for.

It’s ok Mama. I’m here. Man. This is some intense energies Mama. And I’ve been working on it. God’s giving me a lot of guidance. It’s translating it because a lot of it goes completely the opposite direction as our course. So people flip out. Lots of changes. But we are all safe.

God’s crucifying some ideas. We done got to see.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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