It doesn’t take an idiot to put it all together with google?

this woman is so spot on as to this message about me and Mama. Yes. I’m emotionally rocking Mama back and forth. To calm her down and jack her up and help her flow.

Life is about cycles. So forget anything that says anything is linear? This is a ball going round and round. Time tells us to some degree how long we’ve been Spinning here? And Mamas been jammed up for years just like I was. And just cover in shame? That’s want hers. Like Jesus took care of that?

But when Jesus and God bring your girl back you accept? Graciously? Like thats a proper mannerly thing to do. Maybe no one taught Mama about manors like that? Bout time someone did? Can’t leave her thinking she can do whatever she wants? This worlds a feedback loop. Ive paid the price to be able to straighten Mama back out. I straightened it in me.

Affects are affects. But we don’t have to keep letting the affects of separation keep separating us? It’s time to counter affect the affect and break the pattern by coming together. Easy? When I say it like that. But unless you understand energy and science and god? Folks can’t put it together? Which is sad? The mind should be able to put it all to good use and not be limited by some doctrinal norm of days gone by that’s holding progress up?

Do we really believe that God is not all that we represent here on the planet that is also god? Like duh? Tell me you see that connection please? Or I must faint! Of shock that folks can’t put all the pieces together? Scripture and science? You know one reason why? Theory’s. It’s not a blind test and observance. It’s well I think this and test for that? It’s very choppy at best. But if we go back and study the times when scriptures and texts were written? We will see deeper into our patterns and why Jesus died and why woman were limited in stopping ludicrous behaviors of society about truth?

Church leaders still get upset when we catch them being human. Ball players, singers, who dare to leave relationships to find someone who gets them. Learning along the way to get themselves. Why does anyone judge anyone’s behavior? Or is it judging? Is it truth and then judging if we hold onto it and don’t ask a person about it to their face? You don’t see people confronting someone to ask them their meaning? And I don’t feel that’s a bad thing? I feel it’s bad if the someone you speak to and ask their meaning of things they say, gets upset about it and can’t seem to express it. Like people need to be able to talk.

This doctrinal bullshits got to stop. Holding God’s people (We are all god’s people btw) back when grace covers it all. Woman and men are equal and yet different. Complimentary. Why does the church want men to dominate? Do men wish to be dominated? Seems a strange way to create submission. I feel submission would get submission. But that’s not how it plays out? Seems like a twist in a feedback loop? How can we all submit? Like show up? That’s all submission is?

We all are here? Why not. My kids come Back? Why not. Why not meaning. Yeah. Sounds exciting. Why not. My prayer is that I’ve done more than enough to calm Mama down. Inside where the storm was that no one could see but I felt from miles away. Xoxo.

Call me

Crazy. But I love my Mama. Sickos! Jerks!

Yeah. I had to get that out. I held my tongue long enough. Mean people. Dumb people. You know who you are? All I have to do is say the word. And it will trigger whoever you are or who owns you. Dumb people are owned by dumb. They believe it. As a man or woman thinkers so is he or she. Belief is foundational programming of what is, possible.

I believe infinite possibilities exist. And here right now in a quantum reality, my Mama and I are together and all is well. And I’m calling that reality into being. Using the science of faith in natural law. As the heart thinks so it is. I call it so.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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