This message is for Mama.

If your not Mama keep moving! Lol. Saw that on tik tok. Just had to use it!

capricorn reading. just found it? and backs up what ive been saying about

my and Mama. She’s scared. Ok. I said it.

Do something. I’m restricted. And am trying to teach you all? How to help me? Through Belinda?

She needs me. I know this is weird. But god’s allowing it.

Ease Mamas mind girls. Go on. Ease it with your unconditional love. We changing this pattern right now. No conditions!! I said so! And I have proven myself worthy to say so and be respected.

Get over to Mamas. This is going down. Here. Did you think Mama couldn’t do this? Lol. Y’all are so slow.

But not for long?


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