There are many purges

a purge is like an update. from Moses to Stalin. To now. We purge. But if we know the code book and use it properly. We only witness as other who are ignorant get purged.

It’s like a mass hysteria. And we don’t have to fall prey to it. We can rise with the word transformed and alive. Like going into the promised land. The people Wandered as they purged the old way and go reconnected with God.

This planet must purge. If we refuse to update and confess what we know is a missed mark? We doin ourselves by lack of admission.

The word leads us to let go. If we don’t face the past and turn away. If we don’t confess. We stayed tied to it and are not able to go into our promised land. Yesterday is yesterday’s promised land. To hold grudges is to hang on. Forgiveness and grace has always been the cure. It’s the narrow road talked about in the code boom. The truth sets us free. Even yesterday’s truths must be admired and released. The only shame is to hold it in.


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