If your to scared.

Listen. That’s why I am here posting all this crazy shit as I belch it up and smear it here. I’m gonna make it safe for you to speak whatever you need to. And I am showing folks, even if no one reads this. I’ve spoken and my feelings and perspective are still released and my Truth vibration still changes things.

Listen. I get it. I was you. And I had to give myself many Pep talks to be able to open up and allow myself to cry about something that hurt so bad. While? Folks around me stared at me as though I had gone mad? I went mad long ago having to live with such a solution that has made way more issues to deal with than it solved.

Yes. I am bold and brazen. So you won’t have too. I am being bad cop so you can just be. You know? Someone got to take this hit. And someone’s got to show the hurt and pain of living so off course so that folks can finally see you. Just you. Not you as someone success story? Or failed success story. This was put on you. It’s not you. Read me please.

I am crazy. Genius. And this life has taught me my gift is truth. And I use it here for you. I’m gonna make it ok for you to just be. And for folks to go and maybe read a book and learn some shit? It’s time for this ignorance to fucking learn a thing or too.

Growing up as a squashed person who been shoved into a hole that not your size is so ruthless and brazen an action of a world so blind. I see you. I feel you. And your not alone. I’m your big sister with my big panties on using words to pierce a veil no one can seem to see.

Take heart. Please. Suicide is no solution. We came to win. And unity is the action that’s news to be taken by us who have only felt separated. We are not alone. All we have to do is see. The ties have joined all of us together in this one thing. And our truth crosses so many lines. And our truth touches what folks don’t understand.

To trap a cry for so long? Means our voices have a low tone of a cry within them. And it’s a magic tone that can a-tune everyone to what they do. When we unite. To be separated is what we got. Unity is what they don’t expect. Our chains are delusional chains in our minds from being kept in a position that’s not in alignment with our true nature.

We are our parents children. Fact. We have been named other names. We have been raised with other ways. And we know the affect and it’s time the world see the affect we bravely show. End of subject.

I am here for you. I can’t make you unite with me. No. You must choose to step up even thought your scared to step Out of line. They can’t hurt you anymore. As we let go of everyone else’s ideas and make up our own.

United. Hands clasped. They will be forced to look and not turn away. We. We’re not allowed to turn away. So they must face this to learn too.


Going. I’ll be here. Busting it out. Blowing it up. I am small. But dynamite pack a punch. So good luck world. I came to win. This is a humanity issue. And like hello? We fail if we don’t step Up to clear it all up.

We. Know what’s needing to be cleared up. So speak. They can’t hurt you anymore. It’s time for healing. It’s time to own our pain to get back on course.

I love you beyond a shallow love. Like you know me like no one else Adoptee, foster child grown, inslaved person trafficked for profit. This is a human rights issue. And America is the ring leader. Having purchased our slave brothers blatantly. And now do the same to us everywhere. Rape culture. If a child is still not safe to stay. Supported to stay in their divine placement? It’s gonna take some dynamite to just this mental cluster fuck up.

I’m here. For us all. You won’t have to stay quiet for long. Grab some courage for me. Xoxo.

As I show them the affect. Xox.

This is like confessing we are gay to say it hurt. And so. Our classification is being seen and the layers of slavery are shown to a blind mass who’s been programmed to only see the old shit that just does not make sense anymore.




I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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