Thanks so much Linda

Like thanks for being so helpful and nurturing. Thanks for being so read up on this and extending such emotional support of my process? I’m so glad you had such a great 30 years without me that you just can’t grow up and finally be who you are always. My Mama.

I’m just so elated that you enjoy such a great life style since you did not have me around to drag you down? I am so overjoyed at you stupendous way of just being so helpful and caring?

Thank you for answering each of my calls and for helping me find the help I truly need? Of course you know a Mother is always the best medicine and I am so grateful for the Medicine you’ve given me through this woman you deemed as your replacement. You are so generous. So loving and caring.

Just a fountain of Jesus mindset and overcoming spirit. Thank you for never letting me down. And always showing me you ass to kiss dear Mama. So lovely being fucked over by two woman. Of course I needed it didn’t I? How dare I even dare to be born. That will teach me won’t it?

Thank you for showing me who both of you really are at the end of Adoptions day when your old and shriveled up and all you have left is money? And think? You two should really stop thinking. Money. If I wanted money? I know how to get it? I wanted you to healed. Better. United? And this folks is why no woman’s in office? Yeah. Woman have to step up to their responsibilities? Why should a man respect a woman who passes her kids off? Why?

Thank you both for showing me who you really are. And my sister and brothers who have been just bulldozed over with both of your smoke and mirrors. Like wow. Wow. What a nest of ignorance.

Guess God just wanted to take my blind folds off. To see. Who tried to train me? My own Mamas? My own Mama? Like? Takes the breath away? on PayPal. If you’d like to help me? Let’s see how we all are with humanities? Let’s see what the world is made of? I’m a writer and no one helped me

But me get here to fright against all my Mamas odds. They did not want me to succeed. That’s clear. And they have mind fucked my kids into believe their lies? Like wow.

When I kids were young? I covered their assets by teaching them how to take care of themselves? Yeah. Armed them. I’m just a back up. My Mamas through me to the wolves. Well? Where’s my pack! Where is my tribe? Back me up now will ya? Forgiveness is great typed onto a page. Worthless is used. I’ve forgive them? It’s they who have not forgiven themselves.

But to understand what I am saying? You must be educated? About the mind? Yeah. Dumbasses don’t win. Like these woman will soon see. Either get it together? Or loose. Me. And they don’t even realize how much I do? That’s the seamlessness if my intentions? Most people just don’t see how much I do till I’m gone? Sad. But if you show me your ass? Then your gonna have to look when I show you mine? You could change the script and take ass showing out? But know. To stuck. To brittle. Like salt you will just crumble.

That’s where you going. Not me? I’m over you both. Just very methodically saying good bye. My kids know. I try to warn people. And a Mama should be warned. But hey. They know it all anyway don’t they?

Abuse. Yes. I’ve been abused my whole life. Passed around like a rag doll. For anyone to have their way with me. That’s all I’ve known. That’s what my Mama wanted me to be. The whore so she would have to? Thanks Mama for pimping me out. Thanks. Wow.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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