Soooooo oh my God!!! Capricorn. That’s me. And my sister. And my grandmother. That’s a trinity. Connected. Magic. God.

The baby is coming! Again.

She will accept this time.

This reading is spot on.

Reunion on. Oh. Tell me God’s not real? I dare you!

tell me Mama? God doesn’t know? Pain must be cleansed. Forgive. Yourself. Each of you. If I tell Mama? I mean all of you? Don’t you know what a teachers pet looks like? Yeah. Auntie O told me. She wouldn’t waster her time talking to any of you? Don’t know Auntie O? Shame on you? Better ask? Like what the hell?


Happy Mama. It’s like winning the lottery. I’ve been being used by god to do surgery. Everyone thought I was holding you down to make fun of you? And we made fun of them? Xox


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