It’s ok Mama.

You can fall apart on me. Just please be at ease soldier.

Permission to speak freely. Your safe with a soldier in arms Mama. The others don’t get this Mama? They don’t even know. Sad lot. They?

Let’s just unwind here. Yeah. Everyone can read this? So what? Maybe they need to see and stop making fun? Maybe? We can make fun of them? And maybe we have? We are actually exception actresses? Yeah. We’ve been acting for years.

Poor babies that were kept? Little did I know Mama? What a bonus leaving me at a strangers would do to make me grow? Poor babies? They do cry a lot? Is there 5 of them? Crying? Like these puppies?

I am a scry Mama. Like my ancestors. You. And grandma. They seem to? Stunted. No shame on you Mama. I’ve watched you. My kids are kind of that same?

And like? These poor fools? Trying to throw all that shit on you? And I picked up on it? Thank God I keep my line to Mama open? Yeah? The yellow phone? I always pick that on up no matter what time?

She’s been in love with me for years. She loved my father. And was broken hearted. And I’ve come for her heart with the message. That he felt the same way. It was just language. But that I was always a gift. It’s ok. We are doing fine. I know how you are Mama. No running this time. Healing has come home to ya. Looking like that man. You loved and who loved you.

It’s ok. Fuck them. They. Those. Whatever. Love is all I have. Stop being mad at yourself. It’s all worked out for our highest good and we have learned many lessons about love. Have you not? Yeah. Baby girls got some skills? She’s reaching into that thing your holding and hugging you and you feel it? Yeah. You do. As I tickle that heart beat. Back to it tune. No more missing beats. I’m home.

No one can hurt you. No one. Your safe with me. I accept all of you. I will not leave you. Xoxo.


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