Woke up to find this on Facebook.

My husband & I recently adopted. The mom is his sister. We’ve had the baby since she was 3 months. The goal was reunification. We were fine with that because neither of us has a child/children. Reunification depended on how well the mom does with treatment for drugs, finding a place and a job within a certain time frame. Well, she ran out of time and we were asked if we would adopt the baby. So of course we said yes! The mom would show up to court and object to us adopting her. She has disrespected me so bad and I’ve never been anything but a sister and honest with her. She admitted she don’t want me raising her baby. Called me everything but a child of God. The courts could see that she’s not fit to raise this baby not to mention her other 3 kids are with their father. I have been giving her advice on how to get her life back on track since I met her (11 yrs) and leave these dudes who don’t mean her any good alone. It goes in one ear and out the other. So she’s done the opposite and let her boyfriend drag her even further in the gutter. She’s currently locked up. And she calls us asking for pictures of the baby. Now that the baby is legally ours should we grant her request? I spent 2 long years dealing with her nastiness and name calling. She’s my daughter now regardless if I gave birth to her or not!


Yours? Hmmm? Well. I am 55 years old honey. Adopted at birth. And I write a blog about how I felt being a slave. How I had to adapt from being Adopted. How I had to listen to folks talk smack about my Mama instead of really helping her instead of healing themselves to me? You need to look at me baby. Cuz I am a grown Adoptee who found her tongue after years of lies were poured over me. That woman who locked up and who your blasting all this about without respect? Is the vessel, god made that baby from. There are many things you don’t seem to know about birth and parenting. The science of it. How her child spent 9 months forming cells to be able to communicate to her? About how she’s all that baby has ever known and how your dragging her down with those words. Because a baby is always a part of her Mama. Always thinks about her Mama. Always looks for Mama. Misses the smell of Mama. What’s sad is how you say you were working for reunification. I call bullshit. Look at you now. Calling her your property. And don’t even try to argue with me. This is going on my blog so folks can see the ignorance of folks who put asunder what God joined together? Oh. So high and mighty now you are darling. But pride goes before the fall. You have no idea what’s ahead for you when you’ll get the review from that child when she’s grown and really sees how much you cares for her Mama? That you took what was not yours and white washed you name on her? We are humans. E have rights. To give me that drugs thing. How about be decent and stop finding reasons you should keep what’s not been sent to your body to birth? Ok? This shots got to stop. I work daily to turn my own Mama around for lack of a world that gave a shit about me and her. Living a life not mine. Having to learn again at so young? Everything? Language? Manors. Everything was off. Her nastiness knew you were full of shit. Go on play all hoody toe shoes here and with everyone else. But darling? I’m vested in Adoptions degrees? So don’t even think you can fool me. You said it in this whole post. Told on yourself. Great job sister. You’ve made the baby pay again for your lack of true care for your sister? Advice? Put your money where you mouth is and maybe? Help educate her? Have you ever consider how she was treated growing up and how maybe she just needs some attention to how a good relations looks? No. You don’t know what a great relationships looks? Look at you? Look? I am the messenger to your down fall one day. This will come to pass if you don’t clean up your act? Stealing what’s not your and putting it on paper? There is a higher law I have mentioned. God knows exactly where god’s sending babies. You are messing with divine order. And failed

Humanities by stealing that child legally. Currently locked up. And you would even deny her pictures of her last hope

Children are hope for Mama. I grew up always thinking about my Mama!! And why the hell no one even gave a shit that I stay with her? It hurt!! That’s last statement will cut you the day that child wakes up from your white washed nightmare and see how much work she got to now do that you fail too for her mother? Oh. Yeah. Psychecafe.com. Come to my place and see what this adopted child see if your even able. I’ve got a red table to talk at. I’m adopted so I’m vested and graduated. If you really love that child you’ll listen. And if you don’t? That’s child will set your ass straight when she finally found the voice your taking. Making her feel bad about her Mama as you talk smack on this page? Lord Jesus folks think they know it all. This I know like Oprah. A child always loves her Mama. Take heed not to disgrace her. Cuz when ya do? Your disgracing that girl too? Like watch up. I love it. That the baby. Like she’s a doll. What has given you the right to do this? Is unlawful. That baby has rights to her Mama. People always want to possess shit. Can’t help folks stay together. Always have to tear shit God made apart. Yeah. I am triggered and your seeing my gun. It’s the mind and soul of a daughter taken from her Mama while she was down!!!!! Damn all of you who do this? For I am now Moses. And this shits got to change. Fuck everyone who thought is was better to take me from my Mama. Took me 30 years to get past all the lies told me. 25 more to realize I was

Home and could speak freely to tell my dear Mama about what Adoptions done to me.

Yeah. I went there. It’s time.

You can run with that baby honey. But you can’t hide!! This regulators working overtime.

This is the kind of shit I wake up too!! People making me trigger happy. Well? I’m shooting the bullets of truth. I’m done feeling triggered. Im just gonna shoot at each mind until it’s over. Words have power. To change dumb ignorant folks forever. Oh she will remember her so called now daughter, that she legally tendered? Stole is more like it? While her precious Mama was down?



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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