Thanks Kiana Huff. For posting on Kim Wards snarky gossip post on red table groups page.

Listen. If not for us regulators. This world would be a mess. Like y’all thing you know it all. Well let me tell ya what I know. Let me show ya what I know? Because first it all. I am an observer now of the family dynamic. And society placed each Adoptee there in these bubbles. As we float. Yes. Float. Through the world in these bubbles like cages, of greedy selfish woman like Kim Ward, as their trophy child won in life’s arena. And she makes all woman look bad. As she proudly displays herself daftly thinking so crafty. For taking a child from its mother? And thinks she’s the sport?

What a fucking joke old Kim is. What a dumb dork. Right here right now. She’s chosen to be the dork to illustrate so well to me. In public. So she can’t sue me? Poops right threw her teeth? Telling on herself quite loosely. She’s fucking one of her own kind in the world wide street! Rape culture. Yeah. Raping each other? It’s more like sodom and gamora? I don’t give a shot how it spelled. We all take the test and we all can get what’s being said? Like duh. So tired of fuck faces making digs about good grammar? Like put down that hammer? Adapted you looser like me, give me your Mother? Let go of that god damned tit? She’s also a woman? Your damn leader? You babies?

God damn it hat feels good to express!! I’ve felt this way for years. And yet inhibited by programming that’s outdated? Oh look Mother earths got your attention. The the devise you now worship? Lol. She’s so cool. How she takes us up and then down into a square? Shaped? Machine? Small. Yet bright. She give us all enough rope to hang ourselves? Do you really like who you are becoming? All lazy and comfy? Hmm? While I toil and labor. To wake up my suckling babies?

It is you who are all crazy. Belinda is not lazy. Her body obeys me. Her mind allows me to speak to all of you. Here. In this box of sorts? Hello everyone. All of you!! I love you so much!! Please pay attention. To not only this message? I’m everywhere! Speak to me children? We are a cell? Look. I’ve told you. Science, stars, religion, everything. Connected. Each a language. We all come here to learn and grow? Our understanding? Our world is expanding? We all consciously need to understand that we all are expanding. Expanding is uncomfortable. Yes. Embrace the discomfort. What’s coming is amazing. Hold on children! Play is just working. Pay attention to what is working?

Is holding people Hostage in what is called a free country? Working? President Trump is as good a leader as the people he leads? Where is he leading us? Better yet? Where are we leading him? We the people? Speak when we don’t speak? And leave him to his own vices? He’s shown us his weaknesses? And we just keep gossiping about it and really do nothing?



How’s he getting it?

Poking us? Poke poke? Oh. A wall? Are you sure? A wall? Ok. We want a wall?

Whisper whispers to his helpers? Who are also leaders? Duh? And where do they lead him?

Can congress even grow some? And listen to our complaints. For a complaint is just an invitation for a solution dear boys. And I do mean boys. Mama knows a man when she sees one. Don’t even?

Oh. What a mess. Donald need proper feedback. Lodge your complaint written so he can understand. Meaning. Send him a viable solution. Look at all side before ya do? Study. To see all the ways? Like a puzzle. They are here. Are we really doing them? Can we say we gave it all to successes? What success?

Each leader needs feedback. That’s what happened to Hitler? I am so tired of moaning and groaning? Who stood up to him before it all started? No one. That’s the lesson. We all lead them to the gas chambers.

The Jews needed our protection. They like lambs. God’s told us. They are tender and trusting and need to be lead by a Shepard who loves them? Did we love them? Did we get the lesson and change the outcome? What did society do? Did we stand up to Hitler and stop him? Or were we to scared to face that bully?

We can print fingers? Three back at we?

What are we doing dear children? To change what we are doing to get the outcome we desire? We are not children? We are all adults learning. Equals. Learning. Limited by matter. Yet infinite by energetic force that is within. Our bodies do matter. They are the vessels we ride in. We do care deeply for our bodies and have been known to kill when we felt threatened.

And that’s needs to change. That’s is childish. I’ll say it through this woman. Belinda. Yeah. Go one challenge me. I dare all of you. About who’s doing the typing through this blessed vessel. Made by me through Linda Marie. Whom I love deeply. She’s gone through a lot. Giving what she gave to me.

I will be writing here. About many things. To guide us all to go higher. Not like Sodom and Gamora. However you spell it. I mean look up the meanings of those two words and put it together? Go higher was that message? Don’t turn back as it burns? Move! Change? Everyone in that town? Burned themselves up? To infected from over indulging and caught in a destructive pattern? They all perished? Except those who could still hear me? Mother.

That body is me. Father. Son energies. We all work together. And would work together better if we could realize how our organism work? Like am organic machine? Now tell me that’s not amazing? And true? No brainer? Well? I’ve gotten some resistance? Ignorance can get stuck in a pattern. Like a glitch. See. We’ve got google and iPhone. To help

Teach us about it all? And many are just stuck in pools of destruction? Hell we help them? Instead of using our minds to educate them? Train them? For loving abundant? Learning how to communicate? Talking till they get you?

No one here is really a stranger? This place rearranged? Thing about a ball turning. A snow globe rolling? A thousand miles an hour? Holding all in place? With forces of energy?

Tell me this place I’m not intelligence? Tell me Mother Nature I am not intelligent? But why would you? That’s what I think? Why do they doubt me? Hmmm? Why do they doubt themselves? Everyone’s thinking that these days? So upends me your Supreme Mommy.

When you let me? By thinking a thought like? Even a pack of smokes? Or a drink do I not send it? There are many things in the dark I wish to show you. So get your collagen if you want to even keep up? Belinda has posted an amazing drink that can nurish your brain so it can get this. Surely you didn’t think I would leave you? Wandering or in a stable? Still? It’s 2019.

And don’t forget. I MADE CARDI B!!!!

For a reason. She’s my girl. So pay attention to what she mentioning. She a teacher and Latino preacher from the Hood! Recognize and respect my creations. Nicki. Beyoncé. Taylor. All of you. These girls are my best and pretending. They really know how to minister in song. Really love all my ministers and monsters. These lady’s be flexible. 💋

Mama E love y’all.

Now eat. And grow. I’m

On patrol. Looking for leading going the right way. Hell with Santa right now. Follow me. Talk to me? Communicate? Why is that crazy? I’m

In here? Inside you? God within it is written? It ain’t no fable? We are all well able to set our own tables and act like good neighbors. We ain’t strangers. Our minds might be clogged?

But diatomaceous earth can clean you. Cheap. Would Mama Lie to you? That’s what’s upset me? You act like I am some fable? Yet am I not helping you eat at your table?

Oh. And I let this woman interrupt me and talk to you. Cuz I am the one who taught Jesus how to tell every damn person pushing children from Him? Suffer the children to come unto me. For such is the kingdom of heaven. Oh. You thought he just thought that shit up? Ok? Ok? Lord have mercy?

I’m seeing it. And you seem to like this thing Steve Jobs invented? Guess ya thought he did that shit without me too? Well Belinda will tell ya? He didn’t. Won’t you Belinda?

Yes. Supreme Mama Earth. You helped him. Like you helped me when I lost my Mama and began working for you. Yes. Thank you Supreme Mama for helping know my rights when no one would show me I could go home to My Own Mama here. Thank you. You are the best teacher. Those colleges really don’t do you justice if they even think they could keep up with you? Charging money when you paid me each job I worked at taught me all I needed to know?

Even taking some college. Getting paid to do that even. Thank you. I know you understand my language. I am so thankful you embraced me. As I grew up a bastard child in this world that’s gone crazy and is extremely lazy at learning and practicing humanity’s is why we are all here. This is a huge classroom. Not a fish bowl to die in. There’s enough for everyone if we all would just realize.

No matter the color or the texture. Species, poison or nectar? I am here to help you? Remember. This is a ball spinning around and around. 1000 miles an hour. With planets coming in and past and even hitting us through the permeable Brain called air? You all act like we are not learning? We are.

Humanities is first. Get down being a decent human being first. And watch your life thrive. Like it’s cheap. Tell folks the truth you see? Tell them what’s good. And show them what they think is bad. It’s a mirror technic I learned to teach folks their lessons. Showing them what they gave me. By holding it up and wiping them with words to describe how it feels energetically. I can see more I guess. Than most. I see the soul and work with the mind and body? Supreme Mother taught me.

And we all can do it and don’t need to be separated from their Mamas? It’s had an affect on me my separation. And Supreme Mama has chosen me to tell my lesson? She allows me to freely say. I wasn’t really keen on this way. Cuz I knew my Mama was that off? And it was gonna shock her? But it would end it. The alarming of my charming Mama. As she gets her reset from Supreme Mother. And we all are going to learn what it’s like. Mother Daughter. Being separated and their story. So poignant.

Oh these creation. Linda, Belinda. Have worked hard to assume the roles of separated mother and daughter. And maybe. I believe soo. They are just really good friends. Which is where everyone should be. Not sucking on Mommy’s?

She is your best friend. How dare you. Anyone that says a Mother is not her child’s best friend? Fuck you. She might have problems? Everyone comes here to deal with their issues in DNA and behaviors? We work in righting the patterns. And some sink in sand as they are working? To right what went left? Like Who trained up we don’t damn them?

My Mamas were as good as who twisted them. And my Gramas failed her. They could have took her? In the the Aunt Hill? But did they? No disrespect. I’m just owning what wasn’t done for my Mama? I’m litigating this drama. Up on this blog for my Supreme Mother? She should also be yours?

And maybe if you talk to her enough? She’s give ya the numbers to the people you wish to be with? Hmmm? Like me? Oh I’ve got my Mamas number. And God Supreme Mother Earth gave it to me. The day I was born. Now I am using my free will ticket. Paid for with my own blood and I’m still living! Tell me Jesus didn’t help me some?

Thank you to those who stand up and speak. For they are the changelings of this planet. May we all strive to be changelings. We are parts of this planet. May we all wake up. Personally I am tired of talking to people who ain’t woke. Like? Get this thing going? So much ahead is amazing.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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