See Adoptees have had to turn away and be quiet for years.

Adoptees have a secret love that no one can see. Except if you notice we don’t look like our new Mamas? And there’s a heart within that was made by to them some stranger? But she’s actually our mother. That’s your playing like you are?

Respect our family roots! Stop talking down to us! We may be smaller now? But at some point we will tower over you as your old a gray and can’t seem to move? Take heed.

For we’ve loved you as best as a child who hearts been torn in two to suit you. How about looking at yourselves. And how if we took your Mama. How you’ve never forget her. Maybe that the curse. That you loose yours to soon. Then maybe you’ll see as Mamas drop like flies and you just like me?

You think that I am joking as I am evoking the curse you laid on me and returning it three fold to your door thats not covered in the blood of this lamb. Death with befall all those who have taken my words to lightly. They’ll loose their Mamas worse than me.


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