Poor babies. They blocked me.

But I’ve got the proof posted right here how they treat me. Truth folks is hard for ignorant folks to even see? It’s just to salty?

Making fun of my spelling. Telling me I don’t even know what I speak of? She never did say she was adopted? Yet wanted me to answer her questions thinking she could dress me down and I’d even give a shit!

Alisha Brown. Mama? Do you know her? She’s not a very nice person? Folks get triggered when I speak up. Should I just sit down or curtsy? Hell no! Nothing will change if I back down. Someone got to speak up now!

If not just for you? The whole world needs to see this shit show. When mother and child are disrespected so.

Nice is not always good Mama. I’ve been there playing quiet games while folks walked all over you. I’m done being nice. I am being as kind as I can to ignorant folks without a pot to piss in take what I am saying and try to twist it.


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