Cash test…..Testing testing, is anyone out there? Wanna see what we believe? send a dollar. thats all I am a real person….

Can you wish me well, right where you are at to want my best? Even if and especially if you feel a feeling of lack? Practice giving on me? That is what 10% is? A test? To learn about givings power to keep prosperity flowing in your life? If we all felt like we had more than enough and that it was endless? It would be? Dare you to start this trend with me? There are many who are already quite good at it? And many who need more practice? So try me says, God, if I will not pour you out a blessing you can not contain? Go ahead, make my day says the universe? I am so bored not having a thing to give as you all just suffer right under the law?

That would like blow me away?

Cuz you know why?

Cuz I gave it all away. Yeah. I went there.

Gave it all away to family and friends.

While living in a garage. Why?

To prove. Give and it shall be given. Here. As everyone as a witness of our faith? I’ve seen it. But I want more to test this precept with me.

I wonder what’s gonna happen after I’ve posted this test page? Will folks give to me? Or will they think me crazy? For testing a scripture in a country who mottos under god we trust? Why would anyone not want me to publicly test this? I mean we will know very soon just what we predominately believe by who’s sharing and if this goes viral? Or will folks just call me crazy and then have to read what the true consensus, cus the internet connects all of us? And if this test can’t even be passed here by sending me 1 dollar? How important giving us? How each dollar we spend is helping what we like and don’t like? Stop spending money on what we don’t like? Money represents value. What do you value? Look at what you buy?

Cardi? You like big butts. She spent money one that. That’s ok. Men spend money on buy hoes. Hey. At least be honest is what the bitches be say hoe. Ok? Cardi B is honest man. Represent man. She is respectable. She’s honest. Honesty is a very very good show of high character building. To own being a stripper to show you what she learned? And many would rather judge her? I got you . Belcalis Marlenis Almánza. All these divas be fronting? Lol. Play on words. You know what I mean? Lol.

Yeah. Let’s see who’s a giver? And then let’s see what comes here? And then? Cuz you gave? What you get? We can all report it here if we can stop being so snarky? And realize yeah. Mother Earth has our number and a damn fun solution? She’s stiff? No delusions? No steeping and sipping. This whiskey ain’t trickling, it shooting. Down the throats of everything. As the vibrations all aligning for our transpiring and going higher on this ladder.

Let’s see what matters in this land of the free and home of the brave here? This is a test of the Supreme Mother Earth network. Over riding all the frequency’s to deliver this message of this pop test? It’s after Christmas? What’s ya got?

She’s a preacher and a teacher? Anointed. By me and many who follow me. She trained and unwavering. At following my lead. Even when she’s scared too. She jumps into the pool. To teach y’all How to swim. And to navigate. The expanse that is this great planet. Me. Your Supreme Mother. Mother Nature is the teacher. Father air is working the mind waves. Brother Jesus is the switch man. Changing the tracks when needed. This is a glory train? Is t that what you all sing about?

What is all this complaining g about? This is not 1920. 2019. Same numbers? Yet differently places. The sum of them three. Trinity. Why would I not send a message from a low stationed person like Jesus to tell you and help you see change is no enemy except to ignorance? Wake up. 1 2 3 snap!

Now. Talk to me. This is ridiculous. All of you in each language. Translate this so others can read and come be part of this test. How exciting to see how blessed I will be to show you how blessed we all would be with one dollar sent to each other? No need to hoard it?

Any way. Here we go? A test of the highest broadcast system. Mother Earth.

Oh will they take this serious or not? How long shall I give this? A week? Yeah. I can come back on if the world fails and keep trying. I mean folks really don’t pay attention to tests and surveys these day? Wonder if Mama will send a dollar to start this? Hmm? Maybe a sister will? Maybe they are curious about this? Broadcaster process? Of tapping our collective intentions? To see what’s predominantly being believed? And who practicing? Giving?

Then we can crunch the numbers and see what’s our percentage of giving mindset is? Sounds amazing!

Ok. So the test will Go until December 3rd. My Nana Lola’s birthday. I like calling her Nama. Not Nana. They made me change it and say it there way. Nama it was close enough to Mama without making Mama Jean upset. But she changed it anyway. It did make her upset if I called anyone else Mama. Her issue. That I had to deal with growing up. People just changing my life all day since you did? Well if you don’t care who really should care? Yeah. That’s the dark side your feeling. And I went there at your insistence. Ignorant to the true destination. Ok? That’s the thing about brainwashing Mama. But I got ya. Keep waking. Hold that head up a little hire. You hear me? Yeah. Do your hair. Do that make up. Exfoliate. You look great.

I’m some kind of mind ninja. Just a machine that’s been used for years by everyone’s good intention. Like a whore. Who once was her Mothers child. Innocent. Trusting. Now sliced and marked and scared. By the lashes. Just like you. But no one can see them? They are within hidden. Covered. Tended to and sacred. As Mamas wait so long for this medicine. Tending a wound she did not consciously intend too. If only she knew and my granny’s could have just supported her and loved me? But they didn’t. And Mama was crushed. Just crushed. Nobody cared a dour her new baby? I guess she taught them a lesson? Cuz I grew up and have been addressing such matters if the heart since I could speak. That’s why they wished my silent. I’m wickedly intelligent p and can cut the a chase in a minute.

PayPal account is.

I will post your names if you’d like. If not. Send the money anonymously. And I’ll just share anonymous and the date received. Xo as my thank you for sending your dollar to me and funding this test.

Thanks guys. Truly. To my tribe.

Thanks for joining this test with me. Let’s see who’s tuned into this giving frequency and freely give to see?


a Workman is worthy of her higher.



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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