Facing your Mama unforgiveness.

Facing your Mamas unforgiveness is the biggest hurtle on this journey forward. My Mama has been found for 20+ years. And yet here I stand in the street of the air. And I watch and hear the voices up here. My brothers and sisters voice I hear loudly and yet? Do not see?

It’s weird when you grow up off course like me? I realize now I am a frequency. A voice. A station that’s been called one thing and is in fact another under the white wash. It’s like having a divine exfoliation of your whole being. A supreme cleaning. A rejuvenation that reveals a deeper meaning to it all. And a higher meaning too.

We are our Mothers daughters. They know it deeply. And can’t run from it. No. They tied themselves to this stake and it’s us. Their children. Sons and daughters. And we must accept. That we have eyes to see with. Hearts to beat. Due to. A woman who spread her legs twice for us. Shall we allow this society to continue to rape them in the ass forever? Hello?

Anyone here? Woke? Surely? We can do better than Jesus today? Shall we all just hang out here in the air bleeding on our crosses? Or shall we realize like Jesus? His body was just skin. Hear me now?! Hear me. Cuz we all need this one.

What happened on the cross? Anyone versed In This story? He said!! After bleeding. And all the hanger oners had gone? It’s finished. I’m free of being this bullshit character who hung out to dry by thee!!! I’m blowing this joint! Not even my Mama can save me?

Do we the Jesus’s of today need to die bleeding while our Mama stand gapping? Bound by a conventions that never been a way and is a dead end? Hear me. This is deep. And yes. I’m digging into your brain and clipping some shit and tying something else up to it. With time. You’ll see what I’ve done when that brain goods on line and you see like me. And Jesus.

Let me ask you. What do you think Jesus saw as he hung there bleeding for no god damn reason? Except telling the truth? His, how he saw it? What did he see in his Mamas face as he said they know not what they do? As he saw psychosis and didn’t even have a name for it? A whole world of delusional people, filled with worms and parasites. Filled with death as the worms are away at them? Unclean and filled with so much guilt they projected it onto him and tried to kill their own guilt with a man.

Hear me. And don’t turn away while I hang her bleeding to get through to you. What did Jesus see in his Mamas face? Glory? Peace? Her nightmare was hanging on the cross? She should have been celebrating. She would have peace at last? Jesus would be silent. Or would he? Jesus would be the hot new sending chills in every spin. As they all realized. They were also unsafe? And that they, innocent as he? Could be hung for no damn reason too.

Oh people. We still be doing each other like this.

His Mama standing down below cried. Why? What’s went wrong? Had she studied the scriptures? Did she really even realize when he was born that this is where it would lead? Hell no. She didn’t have a clue. Study to show thy selfs approved. And hanging on a tree was her son conceived without a proper license. A bastard by all rights hung on the cross that night. As the world tanked again and still does.

Killing the child instead of telling the truth. Confessing like we should. For giving instead of needing a sacrificed life to pay the price? For something someone said long enough it became law? Of attraction? Greed, like no other is to be greedy to a life that’s a lie!! And shame on us all for forgiving. Give and it shall be given. Pressed down. And running over. Shall men. Give unto thee. (Paraphrase)

It’s right in there. What you give you get? And still we hold back what is due? Lord Jesus help tell um what ya showed me. I’m shaking. Will they crucify me? Have we done enough Lord? All this cleaning on me? I proclaim it now and tell doubt to sit down. I’m clean of Mamas unforgiveness of herself. She spewed on me as I had to hang here and balled for her? And she denied me still. Like Mary but not.

I am a Mama. So I’ve turned it around a bit at Jesus insistence. God’s spirit said you hang. As a Mama now show them. How to own it. It’s twisted so better drink Collagen peptide. Before that I was bone dry of understanding? We have to feed our brains if we want to think unending? Like God’s infinite ways beyond all our brains understanding? Suffering panic from disassociation and manic? Disconnected from our granite. Earth.

Unrealistic is to say that nothing changes. That old laws are born for breaking? And rearranging? Yet we try to bind God to our low standards? Look at all of us as we wander? Trying to find a Mother who’s much like our highest Mothers. Mother Earth is alive. And she got my attention one day when I went the left direction as my Mamas insistence. She thought she knew the way and sent me to the highest Mother of all and not a woman frail and embodied. No. Mother Earth raised me beyond my Mamas. Like all of us? Here. Let’s be honest.

We learn all day long. But are we aware of it? Acting like lunatics we just flaunt our tickets if free will aka slash at each other’s faces? Ugly behavior. We make baby’s still pay for the reckless behaviors? Oh tell me I am lying. I dare you. Double dog dare you. I remember as clear as a bell. I heard her speaking to me. In a black woman’s voice. She told me to write that. So take it up with Mother Earth. She like the word black. It’s sleek and stylish like most black folks she says. I’m not gonna do all that punctuation. Your going to have to figure out when she’s speaking. Pay attention. Cuz it’s gonna get crazy. This woman is not lazy. Mother Earth that is.

And she chosen me to channel her messages. This is our home children. And it’s time to grow up like Jesus. This child typing is my servant and has crucified herself here before you. Thank you darling. Mommy loves you so much.

Thank you supreme Mother Earth for guiding us all here. And for guiding me and choosing me. I am grateful.

This message is one of the first that I am speaking straight to who’s reading. I Your supreme Mother will be writing to you hear. Collectively. You may ask questions and I will answer you. Let’s try this. What’s nothing you? Tell Mommy. I’m just so upset by all this mass Mayhem. Darlings please settle down. Mamas always here for you. Just like for Belinda here typing for me.

You all are special to me. It’s true. Even those who’s bodies have Parishes are with me now. They have only transcended beyond the body. Children. This is a game. And you’ve all just gotten so way into it. And we also have come to a stage in our evolution as a growing cell within this vast explosion of consciousness called free will were we are waking up to a lot of truths. Higher truths. We are all growing up.

Dominion is not to dominate darlings. We are a huge army of flesh and bones and are always connected. Do your lessons and learn about all things. It’s safe too. Why would I wish to hate you? We are all working together here. You me and the father. Three. And everything else works within this if we study to find the patterns of similarity? Grace is unending. Just ask. We all are working on our humanities if you need a reminder.

Now please listen to Mother?

Mother Earth has been talking to me my whole life. I was sworn by her to silence. Shhhhhh. Listen child she would say? Learn. Take it in. You will be able to talk later. Shhhh child. It’s ok. I’ll never leave you nor forsake you. I am always with you. Ok supreme Mother. I’d tell her. Wiping tears about the woman who’s oven she cooked me. supreme Mama. I hope she likes me? She would turn in my minds eye. With a glint in her twinkle. She wink at me. And disappear saying. She already adores you!

Wait til she’s see what I can do? I do love a Challenge. Oh Mama earth I would think. You always make me feel better. And I hear a faint. I know dear. I know. I love you. Always remember. It’s a game. Xoxo

Thanks for diving deep with me today. Wow. I need a nap after that one. Xoxo.

She hit me hard. Man. Remember this guys. I’ve had to follow this Supreme Mother my whole life and when she speaks like this I am the first who must listen and do what she says.

Thank you ShMom



I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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